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July 8th C&M Puppy and Derby

C&M Puppy & Derby
Chadbourn, N.C.
By Lonnie Ward

The July 8th puppy and derby hunt at C&M was a good one. We got a lot to be thankful for. Good weather for one. We got a fresh rain and it was not so hot the first 3 hours and then it started to get hot. We also had a good class of hounds that stayed on game and out of the roads. We had 14 hard working judges: Master of Hounds David Ward, Asst. Master of Hounds Bill Holden, Brandon Strickland, Bubba Willis, Justin Benton, James Benton, Joey Fowler, Chris Heath, Kyle Blackmon, Wesley Holloman, Duck Britt, Damon Hunt, Lenny Crowe and Johnny Fairfax.
We had a good group of hunters and some new ones. Thank all of you for supporting C&M.
Thank you David Ward for mastering the hunt, good job and thanks Bill Holden for assisting David and a big thank you also to all the judges.
Good job Joey Fowler, bench show judge and Brandon Strickland, ring master.
Thank you Terrie Holden for coming in early to help Hilda enter hounds and then entering scores and getting us out early.
Big thanks to Brandon Strickland and Brianna Batten for getting the early bird special. For being here at 4:00am and helping me get breakfast ready to serve at 5:00am and cooking lunch. Brianna good job on selling 50/50 tickets. Thanks to all that bought tickets for this good cause. If anyone knows of a family with a child with major health problems please let us know so that we can give them a donation.
Thank you Wesley for helping me during and after the hunt. Thanks to the feed companies that help support us at C&M (Pride-Mike Carr, Nick with Show Time, and Ronnie Mace with Valu Pac.
Last but not lease thank you to my wife Hilda for filling in all the gaps.
Our next hunt will be August 12th, and I hope to see you all then.
Be safe and enjoy life.

Bench Show

1st #167 Taz: Dubose Push-it and Thurlow’s Snap-chat/ Do It All Knls., Hemingway, SC
2nd #25 Killin Time Payday: Tybird’s Lil Red & Killing Time 2K/ Killin Time Kennels, Sumter, S.C.
3rd #170 Shaw’s Scout: Broke Rite Assassin & Ward’s Mystery Girl/ Johnny Shaw, Moncure, N. C.
4th #107 Renegade’s Rambo: Soldger boy & High Tail/ Renegade Kennels, Manning, SC.
5th #807 Scraping Hole’s George/ Scraping Hole’s Duke & Town Creek’s Mouth/ Clay Wilkins
6th #113 Renagrade Mo: Lake Hill Chillie Business & Shady Bank Megan/ Renagades Kennels, Manning, S.C.
7th #3 Snatch’em s J-bird: Shepard8th Pupp’s Elvis & Sheperd’s Blackbird/Snatch’em Kennels, Pembroke, N.C.
8th #184 Shaw’s Chief: Broke Rite Assassin & Ward’s Mystery Girl/ Johnny Shaw, Moncure, N.C.
9th #31 Triton: Redwood’s Monster Boy & Carter’s Lemon Drop/HBK Mafia, Leland, N.C.
10th #109 Last Minute Soulja Boy: Gunsmoke Rock & Sandy Branch Dixie/Last Minute Kennels, Manning, S.C.

Bench Show

1st #719 G&M Hey Hey: Nobles Copper & Chaplan’s Foxy/ Ace In The Hole Kennels, Galivants Ferry, S.C.
2nd #79 Brunswick’s Foxy: Brunswick’s Slick & Brunswick’s Bonnie/ Brunswick Kennels, Leland, N.C.
3rd #47 Hollis’ Twister: ch. Ole South’s Metabo & Ole South’s Mallory/ HBK Mafia, Leland, N.C.
4th #151 Breeze: Dubose Push-It & Thurlow’s Snap Chat/ Do It All Kennels, Hemingway, S.C.
5th #105 Bryant’s Pretty Girl: Tookeydoo’s Satan & Hick’s A/ Donnie Bryant
6th #409 B.A.D. Fancy: Millards Ringer Ray & B,A, Harley Quinn/ B.A.D. Kennels, Leland, N.C.
7th #407 B.A.D. Boots: Millards Ringer Ray & B.A.Harley Quinn/ B.A.D. Kennels, Leland, N.C.
8th #27 DND’s Nova: H&J’s Ghost & H&J’s Sissy/Down N Dirty Kennels, Pembroke, N.C.
9th #511 Belle’s Leggs: Southern Preacher & Slayback Lollipop/ Spillman Kennels, Lumberton, N.C.
10th #23 Killin Time Lemonade: Coot’s Runaway Chester & Mithcum’s Bonnie/ Killin Time Kennels, Sumpter, S.C.

BIS: #719 G&M Hey Hey/ Ace In The Hole Kennels
BOS: #167 Taz/ Do It All Kennels

Puppy Results
37 entries 315 point to get in and 685 to win

1st #84 Nobles’ RJ: Nobles R J and Nobles’ Lizzie/ Charlie Nobles, Aynor, S.C.
2nd #20 High Voltage Jane: Knockout’s Try Me and Chasin Times 2 Bit/ High Voltage Kennels, Chadbourn, N.C.
3rd #130 Eagle: Broadway’s JP and Fras. Bros..Lacey / Batarora/ Oceanside Knls. , Leland, N.C.
4th #78 Brunswick’s Dylan: ch. B&B Chrome and Bass’ Strawberry/ Brunswick Knls, Leland, N.C.
5th #40 Lil E’s Nickelback: J J Creed and Frog’s Roller/ Lil E’s Mafia, Galivants Ferry, S.C.
6th #22 Maggie: Paradise’s Titan and Buckshot’s Rebel//Dixie Acres Kennel, Loris, SC
7th #72 King’s Little Tide: King’s Hi Pro and King’s Tide/ Billy and Jordan King, Lake View, S.C.
8th #62 Alicia: S R&R Switch and McCaskills’ Joy/ Farside Kennels, Burgaw, N.C.
9th #66 S K’s Nina: Josef’s Rebel & Brook’s Korie/ S K Kennels, Red Springs, N.C.
10th #42 Ally: S R&R Switch and McCaskills’ Joy/ Farside Kennels, Burgaw, N.C.
11th #120 Rachel/ Batarora Oceanside Knls.
12th #82 T&J’s Mini Me/ T&J Kennel.
13th #184 Chief/ Johnny Shaw
14th #2 Rawhide/ Dixie Acres Kennel
15th #36 Abigail/ Farside Kennels

Derby Results
95 entries / 445 points to get in and 680 to win

1st #41 Front Row’s Super Flo : Front Row’s Float & Buckshot’s Dot/Front Row Knls.,Ash, N.C.
2nd #71 Brunswicks Breeze: Brunswicks Slick & Brunswicks Bonnie/Brunswick Kennels (Jeff & Cornbread), Leland, N.C.
3rd #199 Brooks Boyz Pebbles : Swamp Music Cam & Swamp Music Milly/ Brooks Boyz Kennels, Lumberton, N.C.
4th #143 Nobles Ghost: Nobles Copper & Nobles Foxy/ Charlie Nobles, Aynor, SC
5th #169 Burnt Islands Joy: Millards Mule Ray & CMK’s Sabrina/ Burnt Island Kennels, Lumberton, N.C.
6th #47 Hollis’ Twister : ch. Ole South’s Metabo & Old South’s Mallory/ HBK Mafie, Leland, N.C.
7th #45 Hollis’ Diva: ch. Ole South’s Metabo & Ole South’s Mallory/ HBK Mafia, Leland, N.C.
8th #l Harvey Boys H2O: Blanton’s Dozer & Outta Pocket Hazel/ Harvey Boys Knls.
9th #451 Feather: G-Vegas Blackdraft & L J’s Blackbird/Batarora/Ocean side Kennels. Leland, N.C.
10th #73 Brunswicks Chester/ ch, Jet Pilot Ray & Ch. Bond’s Isabell/ Brunswick Kennels (Jeff and Cornbread) , Leland, N.C.
11th #151 Breeze/ Do It All Kennels
12th #111 Sheila/ Cuttin Up / CB Kennels
13th #105 Bryant’s Pretty Girl/ Donnie Bryant
14th #411 B.A,D, Shadow/ B.A.D. Kennels
15th #61 Coley’s Bootey/ Coley’s Red Bug Knl.

Best Mouth #41 Front Row Super Flo
Classy Hount #199 Brook’s Boyz Pebbles
Combination #47 Hollis’ Twister