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C&M 3 Day Open Results/ 2023

C&M 3 Day Open
Run under Masters GTP rules
Held November 30th-Dec, 2nd 2023

C&M Fox Preserve
1270 Dessie Rd.
Chadbourn, N.C. 28431

Results by Lonnie Ward:
We had 99 fine hounds to compete.Thanks to all of you for supporting C&M. I want to thank our
fine group of judges: Master of Hounds Jody Duval and Asst. Master of Hounds, Clyde Sutton, James
Benton, Joel Blackmon, Duck Britt, Wesley Holloman, Brandon Strickland, Bill Holden, Joey Fowler,
Pastor Jeff Blanton, David Ward, Kyle Blackmon, Damon Hunt, D. J. Enzor, Brian Frasco and Johnny Fairfax. Thank each and every one of you for a job well done.
Thanks Johnny Shaw for judging the Bench Show and Clyde Sutton for serving as Ring Master. As always both of these guys did a great job and I really appreciate there help.
Bandon Strickland and Wesley Holloman not only judged but also helped with many other chores from Brandon helping with Breakfast to Wesley helping with the dog feed and keeping the trash burned. These too help me with anything I need help with. Thank you both so much.
Thank you Lisa McShane for helping in the kitchen, taking the pictures and posting them.. Thank you Brianna Batten for helping in the kitchen and also selling 50/50 tickets. I really appreciate both of you.
Kylie Tanner posted scores and did a great job. We had some computer problems the lst day but she got the matter taken care of and moved everything to our back up computer and saved my nerves. Thank you Kylie.
Want to thank these guys for keeping things moving on game patrol, David Ward, Brian Frasco, Lenny Crowe, Austin Benton and Warren Locklear. Good Job.
Thank you Ronny Norris for donating from The Masters the very nice coolers to the top speed and drive hound each day. Thanks to the Masters Association for all they do.
Thanks to the Feed Companies that support us, they were Pride (Mike Carr) and Valu Pac (Ronnie Mace).
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope to see you all in 2024.
Your Friend.
Lonnie Ward

Bench Show (Nov. 30th)


1sr #83 Nobles Slim: ch. Howard’s High Tide & Nobles Fancy/ Charlie & Layton Nobles, Aynor, SC
2nd #86 Haas’ Doc B.: ch. Haas’ King Ramses B. & Doc Wood’s Fly Tiny/ All In Kennels, All Over, S.C.
3rd #713 Never Nice Moneyman: Daniel’s RJ & Never Nice Rhiannon/Never Nice Knls., Mike, Lisa &
Keenon McShane, N. Myrtle Beach, S.C.
4th #57 Benton’s Hatfield: ch. Huckster’s Shooter & Huckster’s Grace/ High Sten’n Knls., Delco, NC
5th #9 Dog Bluff Tic Turd: Turd Hill Impact & Hoss’ Lil Faith/Dog Bluff Knls. , Galivants Ferry, SC
6th #5 Never Nice Batman: B&B Chrome & Never Nice Rhiannon / Never Nice Knls., Mike, Lisa &
Keenon McShane, N. Myrtle Beach, S.C.
7th #800 Benton’s Dirty Ears: SND OOTL & Ward’s Shelby/ High Stepn Knls. Delco, N.C.


1st #40 Top Gun Template: ch B&B’s Chrome & ch. Top Gun Tempo/Top Gun Knls. ,Loris, S.C/
2nd #72 Blossom Hill KiKi: Blake’s Skip Jack & Blake’s Missfit/ Blossom Hill Knls.
3rd #42 ch. Knights Luci: HOY ch. Forty Creek Spot & Knights Junebug/ Full Send, Leland, N.C
4th #44 Front Row’s Superflo: Front Row’s Float & Birch Creek Jada/ Front Row Knls., Ash, NC
5th #102 Never Nice Lady Hellums: Hines Big Ben R, & Icey Hellums/ Never Nice Knls. Mike, Lisa and Keenon McShane, N. Myrtle
Beach, S.C.
6th #19 Maple Rd’s Foxy J.: Boadway’s JP & JB’s Squeaky/ Maple Rd/Hunters Pride Knls., Burgaw NC.
7th #10 Top Gun Piper: B&B’s Loot & ch. B&B’s Maggie T./Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C
8th #85 Haas’ Shoofly: ch. Haas’ King Ramses B. & Doc Woods Fly Tiny/ All In Knls., All Over,SC
9th #513 Haas’ Delilah J. ch. Pinedale Bomber B. & Hoy Pinedale Bonnie B./ All In Knls.., All Over. SC

BIS #83 Nobles Slim / Charlie and Layton Nobles
BOS #40 Top Gun Template/ Top Gun Kennels

99 Entries : 2109 GTP to Win
55 Finished hunt

Top Ten

1st #1 Maple Rh’s Pilot J.: Broadways JP & Broadways Hershey/ Maple Rd/Hunters Pride Knls.,Burgaw, NC
2nd #5 Never Nice Batman : B&B Chrome & Never Nice Rhiannon / Never Nice Knls.,Mike, Lisa & Keenan
McShane, N. Morth Beach, S. C.
3rd #81 Noble’s Kitty: Cherry’s Hoss & Cherry’s Maisy/ Charlie & Layton Nobles, Aynor, S.C.
4th #111 Break Em Down’s Cardi B.: Broadway’s Thumper & JB’s Squeaky/ Break Em Down
5th #17 Front Row’s Thunderbird: Front Row’s Float & Howell’s Brownbird/ Front Row Knls., Ash, N.C.
6th #40 Top Gun Template: ch. B&B’s Chrome & ch. Top Gun Tempo/ Top Gun Knls. , Loris, S.C.
7th #93 Todd Bros. Hog: Todd Bros. Rodger & Todd Bros. Macy/ Todd Bros Knls., Pamplico, S.C.
8th #31 3-D’s Preacher: Dorsetts Fat Boy & Major Leagues Zoey/ 3-D , Clarkton, N.C.
9th #57 Benton’s Hatfield: ch. Huckster’s Shooter & Huckster’s Grace/ High Stepn Knls., Delco, N.C.
10th #142 Haas’ Speedball B.: ch. Haas’King Ramses B. & ch. Haas’ Fireball B./ All In Knls., All Over, S.C.

Combo #40 Top Gun Template : ch. B&B’s Chrome & ch. Top Gun Tempo/ Top Gun Kennels, Loris, S.C.

Mouth #87 Haas’ Kathy B.: P&D’s Captain & Frasier Bros. Hey Girl/ All In Kennels, All Over , S.C.

Hound #1 Maple Rd’s Pilot J. Broadways JP & Broadways Hershey/ Maple Rd/ Hunters Pride Knl., Burgaw, NC.