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2023 Leaderboard 3 Day Trials Counted to Date

AIRHC (Creedmoor, NC)
Alabama State Derby & AA (Wing, AL)
Albemarle Derby (Oak City, NC)
All American (Greneda, MS)
Augusta Derby & AA (Ont. Canada)
Big "W" Memorial (Whiteville, NC)
Big Rock Derby (Lancaster, SC)
Big Rock Masters (Lancaster, SC)
Blackwater FHA Derby & AA (Santa Rosa, FL)
Blue Springs Open (Wing, AL)
Border Wars (Gable, SC)
Breeder's Cup East (Tabor City, NC)
Breeder's Cup West (Jena, LA)
Brunswick Foxhound Derby & AA (Ont, Can)
C&M 3 Day (Tabor City, NC)
Calhoun County Derby & AA (Greneda, MS)
Central Florida Derby & AA (Ocala, FL)
Central Virginia Derby Masters 2.0 (Appomattox, VA)
Dismal Swamp Derby & AA (Emporia, VA)
Dixieland Derby (Enon, LA)
Double NN Wolfhound Derby (Castle Hayne, NC)
Dry Creek Derby & AA (Andalusia, AL)
East Coast Classic Derby & AA (Emporia, VA)
East Coast Masters (Creedmoor, NC)
East Mississippi Derby & AA (Harrisville, MS)
Eastern Carolina Derby (Manning, SC)
Eastern Derby (Leland, NC)
Florida State Derby & AA (St. George, GA)
Futurity (Greneda, MS)
Georgia State Derby (Swainsboro, GA)
Greneda Lakes Derby & AA (Greneda, MS)
HH Spring Classic (Wallace, NC)
HH Summer Classic (Maysville, NC)
HH Winter Classic (Wallace, NC)
HH Winter Classic 2.0 (Wallace, NC)
Hollywood Derby Masters (Appomattox, VA)
Horry County (Gable, SC)
I-95 Buggy Hunt (Gable, SC)
Illinois State Derby & AA (Onley, IL)
IRHC (Pontotoc, MS)
James River Derby & AA (Creedmoor, NC)
Louisiana State Derby & AA (Jena, LA)
Mardi Gras Open (Picayune, MS)
Maryland State Derby & AA (Maysville, NC)
Masters (Swainboro, GA)
Mid-Atlantic Memorial 2 Day (Emporia, VA)
Mid-South Masters Derby & AA (Wallace, NC)
Mississippi Open (Harrisville, MS)
Mississippi State Derby & AA (Greneda, MS)
National (Greneda, MS)
NC Open Derby & AA (Creedmoor, NC)
NC State Derby & AA (Wallace, NC)
NC State Derby & AA Masters (Wallace, NC)
NE Kentucky Derby & AA (Manchester, KY)
New Central Virginia Derby & AA (Orange, VA)
North Florida Derby & AA (St. George, GA)
Ogeechee River 2 Day (Swainsboro, GA)
Old Tram & Grassy Branch Derby (Whiteville, NC)
Old Tram 2 Day Derby (Whiteville, NC)
Outlaw Shootout (Pontotoc, MS)
Pee Dee (Swainsboro, GA)
Piedmont (Wallace, NC)
Pontotoc County (Pontotoc, MS)
Quinte FHA Derby & AA (Ont, Can)
Redland Classic Derby & AA (Pontotoc, MS)
Saline County Derby & AA (Grapevine, AR)
Santa Rosa Derby & AA (Milton, FL)
SC Masters (Gable, SC)
SC Piedmont (Pageland, SC)
SC State Derby Masters (Gable, SC)
SCFHA Derby Masters 2.0 (Lancaster, SC)
South Alabama Derby (Andaulsia, AL)
South Carolina State Derby & AA (Swainsboro, GA)
Southeast Louisiana Derby & AA (Enon, LA)
Southeastern Derby & AA (Emporia, VA)
Southern Classic Derby & AA (Creedmoor, NC)
Southern Classic Open Derby & AA (Emporia, VA)
Southern Illinois Derby & AA (Eminence, MO)
Southern Star Derby & AA (Pontotoc, MS)
Southern States Derby (Greneda, MS)
Sunshine State 8 Hr (Hellcat, AL)
Sunshine State Derby & AA (Andalusia, AL)
Tally-Ho 3 Day (Pageland, SC)
Tar River Classic Derby & AA (Creedmoor, NC)
Texas State Derby & AA (Jena, LA)
Tidewater Derby & AA (Emporia, VA)
Tomahawk Breeder's Challenge (Hemingway, SC)
Tomahawk Chop (Hemingway, SC)
Top Gun (Wallace, NC)
Twin Lakes Lincoln Derby & AA (Whispering Pines, KY)
USO Inside (Swainsboro, GA)
USO Outside (Beaverdam, VA)
Virginia State Derby & AA (Emporia, VA)
Virginia-Carolina Classic Derby & AA (Creedmoor, NC)
Washington Parish Derby & AA (Enon, LA)
West Virginia State Derby & AA (Liberty, KY)
Western Derby (Picayune, MS)
Wolfe Island Derby & AA (Ont, Can)