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2024 Hall of Fame Nominations Requested

2024 Hall of Fame Nominations

The Hall of Fame committee is once again seeking your nominations for Hall of Fame inductees for Foxhunters/Judges, running hounds, sires, dams, etc.

Deadline for nominations is January 31, 2024.

Let's all do this---For the Foxhunter (Houndsmen/women), you’re welcome to nominate living and deceased to be considered by the selection committee.

We strongly urge and ask that each of you “Include Facts” and information to support your nomination for any of the categories (Foxhunters/Judges, running hounds, sires, dams, etc.). Providing facts will assist and help the nomination committee in making the final selections for 2024.

Below, for your review is the complete list of Hall of Fame Inductees through 2023, so not to repeat nominations of inductees already in.

Foxhunters Hall of Fame

Houndsmen - Living & Deceased
Class of 2002 -
Hubert Caroll Clemons (Green Sea, South Carolina)
Aubrey Norwood Nichols (Vaughn, Mississippi)
James Weaver Meggs (Marshville, North Carolina)

Class of 2003 -
Bill Kennedy (Red Bay, Alabama)
Hinkel Shillings (Center, Texas)
Joshua Percy Flowers (Clayton, North Carolina)

Class of 2004 -
Al LeGrand (Boydton, Virginia)
Mose Hill (Waco, Kentucky)
Billy Ray Johnson (Booneville, Arkansas)

Class of 2005 -
Lewis Garner (Vass, North Carolina)
Woods Walker (Paint Lick, Kentucky)
Jim Taylor (Meridian, Mississippi)

Class of 2006 -
Charles Graham (Johnsonville, South Carolina)
George Washington Maupin (Madison County, Kentucky)
Marvin Odell (Slater, Missouri)

Class of 2007 -
Arthur Purvis (Carthage, North Carolina)
Jimmy Brown (Kingstree, South Carolina)
Rodney Terrebonne (Carlyle, Mississippi)

Class of 2008 -
David Hellums (Pearl, Mississippi)
Gerald Simmons (Powhatan, Virginia)
Bobby Cleghorn (Waleska, Georgia)
Virgil Wallgren (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
Joe Gibson (Dadeville, Alabama)
Sam Lewis Wooldridge (Versailles, Kentucky)
James Whitley Royal (Fitzgerald, Georgia)

Class of 2009 -
Fred Walker (Ben Lomond, Arkansas)
Ronnie Barefoot (Dunn, North Carolina)
Ebbie McElveen (Cades, South Carolina)
Haiden Curd Trigg (Glasgow, Kentucky)
Jim Shaw (Chucky, Tennessee)
Joe Kennedy (Pearl River, Louisiana)
J.T. Greenway (Bloomingdale, Georgia)

Class of 2010 -
J.W. Webb (Ocean Springs, Mississippi)
George Hill (Waco, Kentucky)
Waldene Golden (McCrory, Arkansas)
John Henry Allen (Luka, Mississippi)
Aubrey Norwood Nichols, Jr. (Benton, Mississippi)
Dr. C. M. Davis, Jr. (Woodville, Texas)
L.J. Beasley (Terry, Mississippi)
Wallace Dempsey (Cave Springs, Georgia)

Class of 2011 -
D.A. Kirby
Alex Parrish
T. Ross Alexander
Toby Spurlock (TX)
Reggie Edwards (Black Jack, NC)
Scott Hoehner (Anna, IL)

Class of 2012 –
Harland Stonecipher (Centrahoma, OK)
Bill Linker (Stoney Point, NC)
A.O. Waters (Jackson MS)

Class of 2022 –
Robby Bogue (MS)
Charles Parker (MS)
Joe Woodard (MS)

Class of 2023 –
Bruce Cliborne (South Hill, VA)
Clyde Sutton (Kinston, NC)
John Hoehner (Dongola, IL)
Wyatt Osteen (FL)
Leon Canoy (MS)
Russel West (Pikeville, La)

Greatest Running Hound
2005 – Hi Mitch
2006 – Yazoo Kelly Rose
2007 – Tiny Hellums
2008 – Boone’s Packman
2009 – Pinedale Clown B.
2010 – Ward's Quick Lips
2011 – Hoehner’s Slide
2022 – Webb’s Red Gal, Calloway White Cloud, PD Hope
2023 - Bond’s Wheeler, Quick Catch Chloe, Bushley Creek Annie

Greatest Cross
2005 – Hornet G x Midnight
2006 – Tom Crowe x Kit Gentry
2007 – Elmo x Judy Dell
2008 – Hoehner’s Action Cat x Speedy Hellums
2009 – Lofton's Bethlehem L. x Magee's Betty
2010 – Robin Collins x USO Ch Yazoo Baby Rose
2011 – Hill’s Kelly Lawyer x Hideaway Kelly
2022 – Pinedale Clown B., Terrebone’s Reba, East Coast Hollywood x East Coast Renegade
2023 - Levi’s Reno x Final Bid, East Coast Dylan x Bailey’s Angie

Greatest Sire
2005 – Pinedale Clown B.
2006 – Tennessee Lead
2007 – Hill’s Kelly Lawyer
2008 – Hornet G.
2009 – Hoehner’s Action Cat
2010 – Hot Shot Kennedy
2011 – Canoy’s Ringo
2022 - East Coast Hollywood, Whisenant’s Jimmy B., Lakehill’s Rusty
2023 - East Coast Dylan, White Cat Hellums, Levis’ Reno

Greatest Dam
2005 – Yazoo Baby Rose
2008 – Final Bid
2007 – Hoehner's Paleface
2008 – Midnight
2009 – Hoehner’s Hot Pants
2010 – Grainger’s Rita
2011 – Hideaway Kelly
2022 – East Coast Renegade, Efird’s Brandy
2023 - Terrebone’s Reba, Loper’s Ms Britney Lee, Atkin’s Lucy

Re: 2024 Hall of Fame Nominations Requested

Not gonna sit here and make a speech but if the hounds nominated record doesn’t speak for its self it probably doesn’t belong! A lot of good hounds in this world but what more does a hound have to do than ch. Hoehner’s Slinger! Research him if you don’t know then you probably aren’t eligible the post a nominee!

Re: 2024 Hall of Fame Nominations Requested

Mr. Curtis Thomas , Peachland Nc, one of oldest and best alive still huntin but don’t do any field trialing anymore. Probably still driving nails as a master carpenter more than anything at 70 something years young.

Re: 2024 Hall of Fame Nominations Requested

Gary Verling Louisa va
Was a houndsman most if his life
A showman a first then a hunter
The first fox pen in the state of Virginia
He won the uso
Placed in several field trail
All American
Maryland state
Va state
New central
West Hanover
Northern VA
If he was at a hunt u were going to get a laugh an here his name called

He placed at a many hunts
Been a member of the chase until he passed
Was on the board for all the big hunts an would show up for the meetings

He has an did a lot for the hound world
A class act no reason he already aint in the hall

Case closed

Re: 2024 Hall of Fame Nominations Requested

Cedar Lane Kennles
Gary Verling

Re: 2024 Hall of Fame Nominations Requested

This reply is probably late for the 2023 submission, but none of us know if we will be here next day, let alone next year. My submission is for the best Sire. I recommend Carr's Sid. Some of the hounds off of Sid = Carr's Black John, Murphy's Big John, Wolfmans Smokey, Gowen's Smokey G, Diamond D's Intimidator, etc. Some may be grand pups but are worth noting. I have had many hounds from this bloodline over the years and wish that I had a kennel full of them right now. These hounds were track running, tuff hounds with a ton of heart, bottom, speed, and good noses. The ones that I had also had very good feet and mouths. I always felt that I could take these hounds anywhere, and they would be very competitive. Thanks for this consideration.

Carr's Sid - for list of Sires.