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VA Pen Series

2024 Hounds Tales Podcast Virginia Pens Series - Presented by: Joy Dog food

Want to prove you have the fastest fox hound around, come prove it here. We will be visiting 6 different pens across the state, take the top 20 hounds from 5 qualifier hunts, then those 100 dogs will have a championship shootout to crown a series champion. This will be an All Age 1 class series, put up or shut up style event. Here are the Hunts and book open dates.

May 11th - Tower Hill Fox Preserve - Dillwyn VA - 90 Dog Limit - MOH Tyler Mullins - Register Dogs May 10th at Starting at 9pm - Hunt runs - 12am - 5am
Book Opens - March 31st at 2pm - 8pm
June 15th - Turpins Creek Fox Preserve - Buckingham VA - 100 Dog Limit - MOH Clint Thompson - Register dogs June 14th at 9pm - Hunt Runs 12am - 5am
Book Opens - May 5th at 2pm - 8pm
July 13th - Hollywood Fox Preserve - Appomattox VA - 100 Dog Limit - MOH Colby Taylor - Register Dogs July 12th Starting at 9pm - Hunt Runs 12am - 5am
Book Opens - June 2nd at 2pm - 8pm
September 1st - Wickhams Fox Preserve - Montpelier VA - 100 Dog Limit - MOH Jon Molnar - Register Dogs August 31st 9pm - Hunt Runs 12am - 5am
Book Opens - June 30th at 2pm - 8pm
September 7th - Pooles Foxhound Training Preserve - Emporia VA - 300 Dog Limit - MOH Todd Miller - Register Dogs September 7th starting at 6pm - Hunt Runs 9pm - 2am
Book Opens - July 7th at 2pm-8pm
October 13th - Stoney Creek Fox Preserve - Stoney Creek VA - 100 Qualified Dogs - MOH Peyton Lucy - Register Dogs October 12th starting at 9pm - Hunt Runs 12am - 5am
Will be calling qualified dogs in order of placement to get numbers. Will explain in detail in rules for series below
For Numbers Call James Hudson on the date and time - 434.664.8015 - All Hunts will have a separate book

-AA Series Hunt, 1 class for all hunts. All Hunts will be ran under the Masters 1 Day Option
-All Hunts will be run under the Masters rules and will all be a Speed and Drive event. 5 min block rules will be in place.
-Top 20 hounds from each qualifier hunt will earn entry into the Championship Hunt. Those 20 hounds from each qualifier will receive free entry into the Championship hunt as part of their winning.
-A hound that has placed in the top 20 in a qualifier hunt WILL NOT be allowed to enter any more qualifier hunts. A picture with the hound and its owner will be required after the hunt. The owner/kennel is still allowed to participate in other qualifier hunts with other dogs, but a top 20 placed hound may not return to a hunt until the championship hunt. If you are caught bringing the dog back, you will be removed from the series and will forfeit all placements.
-In the event of a forfeit, withdrawal, or any other circumstance (dog in heat, injured dog, etc) that eliminates a spot out of the championship hunt, the highest scoring 21st place hound from the qualifier hunts will be invited in its place. This will be put in place to make a full attempt at a 100 dog field in the Championship hunt.
-Each qualifier hunt will be $50 a dog, and again the Championship hunts entry will be earned by placing in the top 20 in the qualifier hunt, or by highest score after a forfeited dog in top 20. Entry will include the cost of the Masters 1 day option.
-Each qualifier event will have its dog limit posted in the primary advertisement and individual advertisement. Kennel limit for all qualifiers will be 5 per kennel except for Pooles Hunt which will be a 10 per kennel limit. In the event this makes the field short, this is how I will work it. When you call for numbers, let me know if you want more numbers, in the order I receive you call and the notice you want more, I will call back in that order to give you more numbers. If a waiting list is started, I will honor the waiting list before I honor the call backs out of respect to the hunters.
-Each hunt will have its own book and numbers for each hunt, no numbers will roll over or gain you early access to the next hunt. For the Championship hunt, the numbers will go out after the last Qualifier hunt is finished and the order will be as followed: 1st place dog of the first qualifier hunt will go first, then the 1st place dog of the second qualifier hunt will be called after, that will continue until all first place dogs are called, then it will repeat for 2nd place, then 3rd and all the way to 20th. If you have placed multiple dogs in the series, I will ask you for numbers that you would like to try and prevent me from having to call back multiple times. If it gets down to your 12th place dog in the 3rd qualifier and one of the numbers you gave me is still available, then it is yours, if not, I will be calling you back for your next option. If you don’t care what number your lower placed dogs get, then let me know on the original call and I will give you the next best number and call/text you back with the rest of your numbers.

I would like to thank all of our sponsors for making this happen:
Hounds Tales Podcast
Joy Dog Food
Outdoor Dog Supply
Timber & Shore Dog Supply
Wilkins Outdoor Products
Mikes Machine
Stinger Supply
Jackets by Big Country
Doc Purdy 1 Stop Shop
Wilkes Jewelers
Chestnut Mountain Feed
RockSea Designs
Austin Tomlin
Justin Eagle
Nathan Lehman


Re: VA Pen Series

Hollywood Hunt has been removed, new qualifier hunt will be at Choc Chum Fox Preserve on June the 1st, running 12am to 5am, 100 dog limit. Book Opens April 14th at 2pm