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2023 Final Top 20 Leaderboard Standings for HOY, SOY, DOY, KOY

The Leaderboard has completed entering data into the Leaderboard Foxhound Awards program for 2023 and finished with 150 field trials (derby & AA) participating in another exciting year. As with the past 2 years, several positions such as the Hound of the Year, and Dam winners were not finalized until the last few field trials. Listed below, as currently calculated, are the final Top 20 Hounds, Sires, Dams, and Kennels standings after adding in travel bonus points and adjusting for pen limitations.
As it stands now, each of these hounds, sires, dams and kennels will receive special recognition at the 2024 Masters field trial banquet. Everyone is invited to attend as we recognize these top hounds and handlers for their special accomplishments in 2023. This year, the Master’s banquet is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, April 17th at 6:00 pm at the GoldenLeaf Commons Center in Emporia, Va. Additionally, the top 150 standings for HOY, SOY, DOY and KOY will be posted on Masterfox.net and published in an upcoming issue of the Hunters Horn magazine.
Thank you,

Clif Parker

Top 20 Hounds
Crisco's Pick 2192.5
HPK's Black Mamba 2133.5
Bond's Lil Izzy 1549
B&B's Viagra GT 1486
Huffman's Bull 1384
B&T's Junebug 1338
Hill's Biscuit A. 1314.5
Bold Run Gizmo 1295
Red's Gotcha KW 1244
Pure Octane Money 1206
Chapman's Bully 1190
Daniel's Mindy 1140
Pure Octane Twilight 1131
B&B's Lawyer 1113
B&B's Crazy Lady T. 1090
D&H Shine 1072
Dog Pile Al Pacino 1070.5
Bond's Bunny 1064.5
Baileyville Grady 1060
KB&R's Red Head 1052

Top 20 Sires

B&B's Chrome 7018.5
B&B's Loot 6107
Crisco's Charlie 5302.5
Kennedy's 8 Ball A. 4892
Jet Pilot Ray 4448
Spear's Mtn Sargent 4185
Ray's Ace J. 4095
Clark's Money Maker 3961.5
Huffman's Johnny Cash 3885
Norris' Big Boy 3685.5
Kyle's Petey 3338
Baileyville Lee Boy 3282
B&B's Superman 3203
Cliborne's Zeeke 3200.5
Big Creek Sam 3011
Jackie's Rock 2843
HGK General 2251
Mullet's Heitai 2237.5
Fras. Bros. Businessman 2185
Miller's Bro Code 2148

Top 20 Dams

Kyle's Cash It 3197
B&B's Jet 3127.5
HPK's What 2878.5
Baileyville Red Light 2811
Bond's Isabella 2787
Ray's Windy 2534
MK's Taylor 2112.5
ECC Natalie 2094
Butler's Abby 2070
B&B's Lil Pearl 2064
Boone's Josie 1842
B&B's Lil Slipper 1809.5
B&B's Mercer 1678
Slady Bank Rollcall 1635
Broadway's Hershey 1592.5
Miller's Circle 1574
B&B's Alley 1565
B&B's Katie 1535.5
Bold Run Two-Tone 1527
Dog Pile Cameron Diaz 1514.5

Top 20 Kennels

B&B Kennels 9425.5
Strictly Mafia Kennels 5819
Triple "B" Kennels 5523.5
D&H Kennels 5434.5
BBK/Stay Ready Kennels 5041
Maple Rd/Hunters Pride Kennels 4771.5
Bold Run Kennels 3932
Old School Kennels 3760
Baileyville Kennels 3061
Pure Octane Kennels 3027
Breakwhite/Crown Royal Kennels 2982
East Coast Kennels 2950
Miss Gulf Coast Kennels 2911.5
Hawtree Kennels 2827
Bad Company Kennels 2679
Farmboy Kennels 2655
UCLA/Ludawici Kennels 2639.5
Frank Adams 2563
Rodney Crisco 2534.5
Fireball Kennels 2518