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Results C&M Puppy & Derby 4/13/24

C&M Puppy and Derby
Speed & Drive Hunt
Results by Lonnie Ward

There are so many people that contributed to the success of this fine hunt. If I leave anyone out I am sorry and did not mean to.
First of all I want to thank you hunters for coming and bringing your dogs and your kids and other friends and family. We could not even have a hunt if we didn’t have you. Thank you all for participating and being such good sports and helping us to keep our facility clean so others can also enjoy the hunts.
I want to thank my wife Hilda for getting up at 3:00am when I do to come and keep permits, licenses and office supplies and supplies for judges current. She then starts entering hounds. Assisting her today was Jacquelyn Sellers who helped until she was needed in the kitchen. Then Terrie Holden the computer score keeper helped her until all the dogs were entered.
Thank you Terrie and Jacquelyn for all you do.
A big thank you goes to all the judges who came out on a very brisk morning to get all the scores they could for each and every hound. They were as follows: Master of Hounds, David Ward, Assistant Master of Hounds Bill Holden, Brian Frasco, Jeff Blanton, D.J. Enzor, Brandon Strickland, Joel Blackmon, Bubba Willis, Kyle Blackmon, Emmett Banks, Toni Jordan, Travis Brooks, and Wesley Holloman. I really appreciate all you do.
Another thank you goes to Bench Show Judge, Johnny Shaw and Ring Master Brandon Strickland. Another job well done.
Brandon Strickland came in at 4:00am to help me get breakfast ready. Holly Sellers, Jacquelyn Sellers and Lisa McShane also helped get Breakfast ready and serve plates. Thank you all, I really appreciate your help. Holly and Jacquelyn also sold 50/50 tickets. Jacquelyn had the winning number and being the good sport that she is, she donated her winnings back to the sick child fund. Thank you Jacquelyn.
Two of our judges helped before and after the hunt: Wesley Holloman and Brandon Strickland.
Thank you both so much.
Last but not least a special thanks to the feed company that helps support us. Ronnie Mace with Value Pack, we appreciate what you do.
We congratulate all of our winners and hope you will be back at our next hunt on May 11th.

Bench Show
1st #16 Nebo: Erin’s Goat & Erin’s Trudy/ Erin Kellahan, Andrews, S.C.
2nd #253 Hightower’s Fighter: Cain’s Fubar & Hightower’s She Bad/ Doug Fuqua, Mebane, NC
3rd #115 Scraping Hole’s Big D: William’s Ozzie and Keith’s Krazy Snow/ Clay Wilkins, Bolivia, NC
4th #3 Fowler’s Jay Bird: Millard’s Ringer Ray & Fowler’s Zuma/ High Life Kennels, Leland, NC
5th #57 Brunswick’s Mr. Bigg: Big L’s Limo & Big Creek Stella/ Brunswick Kennels, Leland, NC
6th #911 Front Row Big Sam: Broadway’s JP & Weather’s Ivy/ Front Row Kennels, Ash, NC
7th #8 Cowboy: Top Gun Cruise & Locked & Loaded Chloe/ Locked & Loaded Knls., Green Sea,SC
8th #525 JMG’s Jack Flash: Mama’s Spanky & Just Mite Cinderella/ Jessica Gore, Delco, NC
9th #283 Johnny’s Black Magic: Hightown’s Moe Money& Moonlight’s Black Magic/Doug Fuqua, Mebane, NC
10th #207 Kynlei’s Tommy: Swift Creek Rusty & Chase’s Monkey/ Sterlin Smith & Kynlei Smith


1st #1 June Bug : Millard’s Ringer Ray & Fowler’s Zuna/ High Life Kennels, Leland, NC
2nd #20 Never Nice Rock Star: BnB Chrome & Never Nice Super Star/ Mike McShane, N. Myrtle Beach, S.C
3rd #534 Polecat’s Swinger W.: Powerhouse & Wicked Walker Hooker/J&G Kennels, Elloree, SC
4th #37 Brunswick’s Lyla: ch B&B Chrome & Bass’ Strawberry/ Brunswick Kennels, Leland, NC
5th #181 Cherry: Ringer Ray & Fowlers Zuma/High Life Kennels, Leland, N.C.
6th #22 Oh My: King’s 2 Stroke & Duboses Lotto/ Slow & Steady-Pay Pal Kennels/ Green Sea, SC
7th #70 Never Nice Batgirl : Never Nice Batman & Never Nice Roxie/ Mike McShane, North Myrtle Beach, S.C.
8th #13 Bailey : Wiggs Deuce & Wiggs Dixie/ Elvis Farm Kennels.
10th #73 Champagne: Killing Time Streak & Drew’s Twizzler/Elvis Farm Kennels

BIS #16 Nebo/ Erin Kellahan
BOS #1 June Bug/ High Life Kennels

Puppy Class( 52 entries/ 450 pts to get in and 780 to win

1st #22 Oh My: Kings’ 2 Stroke & Dubose’s Lotto/ Slow and Steady-Pay Pal Kennels , Green Sea, SC
2nd #82 Nobles Troubles: B&B’s Chrome & Mike’s Superstar/ Charlie & Layton Nobles, Aynor, S.C.
3rd #2 Honky Tonk: BCK Lil Sam & Dubose’s Epic/ Slow & Steady-Pay Pal Kennels, Green Sea, SC
4th #32 Rock Steady’s Bingo: Ct Checkbook& Ward’s Mystery Girl/Rock Steady Kennels, Rieglewood,NC
5th #72 Cheese It: BCK Cheese and Dubose’s Tweet Tweet/ Slow and Steady/Pay Pal Kennels, Green Sea, SC
6th #40 Brunswick’s Sky: Brunswick’s Slick & Blanton’s Blackeye/Brunswick Kennels, Leland, N.C.
7th #26 Spice: B&B Chrome & JK Ruby/Tree Choppin Kennels, Clarkton, N.C.
8th #74 Raven: Kings 2 Stroke & Dubose’s Lotto/Slow & Steady and Pay Pal Kennels/ Green Sea, S.C.
9th #46 Brunswick ‘s Speedy: MJ’s Max & MJ’s Emma/Brunswick Kennels (Jeff & Cornbread), Leland, NC
10th #532 J & G Popfly Eddins: Southern Slugger & Southern Carrie/ J&G Kennels, Ellovee, SC
11th #6 Southern Gator : Southern Sound Kennels
12th #530 J&G Fastball Eddins: J & G Kennels
13th #96 Burney Boyz Bolt Action: Burney Boyz Kennels
14th #92 J&G Kitty Eddins: J&G Kennels
15th #42 Brunswick Stride: Brunswick Kennels

Derby Class (92 entries/600 pts to get in and 990 to win

1st #87 Nobles Kitty: Cherry’s Hoss & Cherry’s Mini/ Charlie and Layton Nobles, Aynor, S.C.
2nd #57 Brunswick’s Mr. Biggs: Big L’s Limo & Big Creek Stella: Brunswick Kennels (Jeff & Cornbread) Leland, NC
3rd #301 Ray’s Deacon C. : Forty Creek Louis & Ray’s Elvira C/Forty Creek Kennels, Southport, N.C.
4th #451 Ocean Side Spotted Eagle Ray: Broadway’s J.P. & Frasier Brothers Lacey/ Batarora & Ocean Side Knls., Leland, N.C.
5th #1 Fowler’s June Bug H.L. : Millards Ringer Ray & Fowler’s Zuma H.L. /High Life Kennel, Leland, N.C.
6th #183 Nobles’ Fastgun: Nobles RJ and Nobles’ Lizzie/ Charlie and Layton Nobles, Aynor, S.C.
7th #9 High Voltage’s Strong; Knock Outs Try Me & Chasin Times 2 Bit/ High Voltage Kennels, Chadbourn, NC
8th #357 Ray’s Reverand C.: Forty Creeks Louis & Ray’s Elvira C./ Forty Creek Kennel, Southport, N.C.
9th #93 Ke Ke: Richards Leroy and Richards Jewell / Dark Bay Kennels, Conway, SC
10th #25 C.S.Gypsy: C.S. Sparky and Owen’s Squealer/ Spillman Kennels, Lumberton, N.C.
11th #211 Sheriff: Dark Bay Kennels
12th #3 Fowlers’ Jay Bird H.L.: High Life Kennels
13th #5 Ray’s Preacher C.: Forty Creek Kennels
14th #19 Razor City Lizzie: Razor City Kennels
15th #75 Little Black Girl: Dark Bay Kennels

Classy Hound #87 Nobles Kitty : Charlie and Layton Nobles
Best Mouth #211 Sheriff: Dark Bay Kennels
Combination #1 Fowlers June Bug: High Life Kennels