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2014 Field Trial Results, Grades 1 thru 6
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Osmon Fox Hunters Assoc. 3 day Field Trial

Hunt held July 9-12
ad run in June issue of the horn
Leaderboard dues paid
All Age - 118 hounds entered

1) Hemrich's Pothead (Burnell's Henry ex Hemrich's Six Gun Sally)
Six Pack Kennels; Noble,IL
2) Blake's Rango (Hoehner's Geronimo ex Rickman's White Pearl)
Richard Blake; Eminence,MO
3) Hill's Kitty (Jag's Slim ex Hill's Dedra)
George Hill & son ; Waco,KY
4) Stahl's Pop Tart (Oakridge Ronnie ex Stahl's Popcorn)
Stahl's Kennels; Ellisnore,MO
5) Kinkade's Copper (Jim's Buckeye ex Schilling's Dottie)
Six Pack Kennels; Noble,IL
6) Stahl's Gracie (Stahl's Chief ex Oakridge Angie T)
Stahl's Kennels; Ellisnore,MO
7) Sullivan's Pickles (Hoehner's Geronimo ex Hacklers Molly)
SOS Kennels; Creal Springs & Albion,IL
8) Weidner's Cherry (Burnell's Sticker ex Burnell's Cheeks)
Six Pack Kennnels; Noble,IL
9) Double S&V Kennels T Bo (Kyles Mr T ex Double S&V Molly)
Double S&V Kennnels; Wiiliamsburg,KY
10)Dunn's Casper (Starkey's Razor ex Dunn's Wart Head)
Three D Kennels-Clint Dunn; MO
NO Dual Champion
Combination Winner - Stahl's Gracie

Derby- 95 hounds entered
1) Hill's Spotted 40 (Hill's Nitetime ex Rich Shiloh)
George Hill & son; Waco,KY
2) Sullivan's FedEx (Vaupel's Fedex ex Vaupel's Strut)
SOS Kennels; Creal Springs & Albion,IL
3) Hill's Brownhead (Slady Bank Hollywood ex Rich Vicksburg)
George Hill & son; Waco,KY
4) Stahls Pretty (Stahl's Redman ex Kearbey's Brooklyn)
Stahl's Kennels; Ellisnore,MO
5) Dunn's Sissy (Rock Hills Hoot ex Hamson's Lisa)
Three D Kennels - Clint Dunn; MO
6) Hill's 2 Diamond (Hill's Nitetime ex Hill's Della II)
George Hill & son; Waco ,KY
7) Sullivan's Glide (Bonner's Humpy ex Sullivan's Cocoa Butt)
SOS Kennels; Creal Springs & Albion,IL
8) Starkey's Yellow Jacket (Starkey's Razor ex Starkey's Cricket)
Starkey's Kennels- Harold Starkey; Fred, MO
9) Hoehner's JW Blue (Williams Chopper ex Williams Black Betty)
Hoehner Boys Kennels; Anna,IL
10)Zag (Bonner's Humpy ex Gill's Sadie)
Casey Ruble; Cisne,IL
Combination Winner- Hill's Spotted 40