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2014 Field Trial Results, Grades 1 thru 6
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National Results

National Results-264 hounds.

1) 55 Kennedy's Miss Ann II (Kennedy's Iuka ex Kennedy's Miss Ann) Kennedy's Kennel, Red Bay, Ala.

2) 31 Lamey's Midnite (Lamey's Box Car ex Lamey's Julie) Seymour and Henson, Latimer, Miss.

3) 812 Hall's Roxy (Floyd's T-Bo ex Hall's Ruby) Alex Hall, Bruce, Miss.

4) 51 D&S Trouble Creek (A&R Bozo ex A&R Callie) Detwiller and Son, Pomery, Ohio

5) 11 Fancy CD (ch. Seymour's Little Rally ex Clint's Katrina) Seymour and Henson

6) 114 ch. D&S Zoie's Old McDonald (ch. D&S Barbaro ex ch. D&S Lorie) Detwiller & Son, Frankfort, Ohio

7) 70 Hill's Peaches (ch. East Coast Cinch ex Hill's Sister Sarah) George Hill & Son, Waco, Ky.

8) 30 Bray's Jackie (Floyd's T-Bo ex Bennett's Boogie Gal) Bull Mtn. Kennels, Vardaman. Miss.

9) 35 McMillan's Bonnie Star (McMillan's Little D ex Hogue's Dixie) Ronnie McMillan, Crystal Springs, Miss.

10) 818 B N B Rondo (Hemphill's Trouble ex Liggins Sally) Buck and Bull Knls.