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2014 Field Trial Results, Grades 1 thru 6
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Tar Heel FHA 3-day Results (Attn: Leaderboard)

What a weekend we had at this hunt. A fine group of hounds set the Jungle on Fire the past 3 days. Bay City is rocking and the game is plentiful and well seasoned. A great group of hunters competed this past weekend in an outstanding field trial. We would like to thank Pete Warren for keeping the Tar Heel Assoc. up and showing the Field Trial at Bay City the past two years. Also, thanks to Clyde Sutton and Pete for all the work they do Mastering hunts and making sure they run correctly. These guys are on the road all the time and do a fine job. Thanks to TC Foster for Judging the Bench Show and to Sandra Hoyle for assisting. A big thanks to Wally and Denise Johnson for supplying the Bench Show awards. These folks all do a lot for the sport, so make sure they know you appreciate them. Last, thanks to all the hunters that parti****ted and to all the judges that braved the weather to score the fine group of hounds. Look forward to doing it again in 2015.

2014 Tar Heel FHA 3-Day
Bay City Preserve, Bayboro NC
December 19th, 20th, 21st 2014
3- (5) Hour Days – One Class
National Affiliated/National Rules
MOH: Clyde Sutton
Asst: Pete Warren
Bench Show Judge: T.C. Foster
Asst: Mrs. Sandra Hoyle
Advertised in Nov. issues of Chase and Horn Magazine

119 Hounds Cast

Best In Show: #49- Ryno’s Twister (Ryno’s Squeller x Peeble’s Foxy Lady) Hi-Standard Kennels, Greenville NC

Best Opposite Sex: #10- CMK’s Blue Moon IGWT (Ch. Bond’s Titus x Olive’s Holly) Christian Mountain Kennels IGWT- Supply,NC

1st- #08- Jonny’s Bamboo T.-Coaches Creek Kennels
2nd- #55- Ryno’s Cole- Hi-Standard Kennels
3rd-#6- Ch.Norris’ Trish- Ronnie Norris


1st-#51- Bond’s Beulah- Triple B Kennels
2nd-#9- Bond’s Leary- Triple B Kennels
3rd-#76- Norris’ Big Boy- Ronnie Norris
4th-#08- Jonny’s Bamboo T.- Coaches Creek Kennels
5th-#47-Lee’s Bolt- Matt Lee
6th-#1- Lee’s Gypsy- Matt Lee
7th-#15-Bond’s Jesse- Triple B Kennels
8th-#53-Moore’s Linda- Bill Moore/Cruz Wilson
9th-#17-Tobacco Road Maria- Tobacco Road Kennels
10th-#64-Butch’s Ashley M.-Hi-Standard Kennels

Speed and Drive

1st-#51- Bond’s Beulah (Ch.Bond’s Titus x Huffman’s Maggie)- Triple B Kennels (990 Points)
2nd-#9-Bond’s Leary (Ch.Bond’s Titus x Big Swamp Sable)-Triple B Kennels (890 Points)
3rd-#76-Norris’ Big Boy (Crisco’s New Bern x Atkin’s Penny)- Ronnie Norris (835 Points)
4th-#47- Lee’s Bolt (Ch.Bond’s Wheeler x Ch. Bond’s Wonderwoman)- Matt Lee (815 Points)
5th-#1- Lee’s Gypsy (D&S Mighty Man x Lee’s Sable)-Matt Lee (815 Points)
6th-#08-Jonny’s Bamboo T. (Ch. Bond’s Titus x Bond’s Hannah Bell)- Coaches Creek Kennels (795 Points)
7th-#15-Bond’s Jesse (Lakehill’s Jaybird x Pawnee’s Pepper)-Triple B Kennels (790 Points)
8th-#53- Moore’s Linda (Moore’s Jim B. x Gaskin’s Vanna)-Bill Moore/Cruz Wilson (790 Points)
9th-#17-Tobacco Road Maria (Burn’s Rebel x Hoehner’s Maria)-Tobacco Road Kennels (770 Points)
10th-#64-Butch’s Ashley M. (East Coast Holiday x Butch’s Penny)-Hi-Standard Kennels (755 Points)


1st-Ch.Jonny’s Bamboo T. (Ch. Bond’s Titus x Bond’s Hannah Bell) Coaches Creek Kennels- Havelock NC

2nd-Bond’s Beluah (Ch.Bond’s Titus x Huffman’s Maggie) Triple B Kennels- Wallace, NC

3rd-Bond’s Leary (Ch. Bond’s Titus x Big Swamp Sable)- Triple B Kennels- Wallace, NC

4th-Norris’ Big Boy (Crisco’s New Bern x Atkin’s Penny)- Ronnie Norris- Wilmington, NC

5th-Lee’s Bolt (Ch.Bond’s Wheeler x Ch. Bond’s Wonderwoman)- Matt Lee- Adams Creek, NC

6th-Lee’s Gypsy (D&S Mighty Man x Lee’s Sable)- Matt Lee- Adams Creek, NC

7th-Ryno’s Cole (Locust Grove Spud x Double X’s Cobalt)- Hi-Standard Kennels- Greenville, NC

8th-Ch.Norris’ Trish (Ch.Bert J. Carroll x JR’s Little Karen)- Ronnie Norris- Wilmington, NC

9th-Bond’s Jesse (Lakehills Jaybird x Pawnee’s Pepper)- Triple B Kennels- Wallace, NC

10th- Moore’s Linda (Moore’s Jim B. x Gaskin’s Vanna) Bill Moore/Cruz Wilson- Grantsboro, NC

Combination and Dual Champion

Norris’ Big Boy (Crisco’s New Bern x Atkin’s Penny)-Ronnie Norris- Wilmington,NC