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2014 Field Trial Results, Not Graded
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Results for the Arkansas Children's Hospital Hunt

We had a really good hunt!!! 203 dogs turned loose! And will be sending a check to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in honor of Nollie Launius and Ashton Kyzer for $4893!!!!
I want to give a huge THANK YOU to the judges, cooks, Jimmy and Paul Wright, Danny and Teresa Hill, Sue and Randy Noles, Runt & Donna Kidd, Garland County/Lake Ouachita Camp everyone that brought donations and of course Jimmy Thompson(for putting up with me LOL!!) If I forgot to mention someone please know I'm sorry and I am soooo grateful! Without all of your help we couldn't have such a wonderful hunt!!! Most of all everyone that came together to make this hunt possible!! We as a fox hunting family always come together and support one another!! That’s why I love it so much!!!
Thanks again< Vanessa Thompson
If we do not have your breeding please post it for me!



1st #479 Ethan Kuntz Nashville AR
Patti Sue (Hammern down Acie X Well’s Brenda)
2nd #311 Hoop & Hollar Kennels Lockesburg, AR
Hoop & Hollar’s Sweet Pea (Ace Bishop X Ken’s Dolly)
3rd #341 Gary Turner Dierks AR
4th #411 Tom & Bubba Powell Morrilton AR
Big Boy(Barkley’s Joe Dirt X Unknown)
5th #444 Kenneth Harvel Hope AR
(borrowed dog from Runt Kidd) LOL Sorry Harvel I got dared I wouldn’t write it!
Kidd’s Come On(Kidd’s Gone Famous X Kidd’s Hi Light
6th #916 Cuz Kennels Waldron AR
7th #400 Stephen Morrison Story AR
Moonlight Red Man(Valentines Bart X Holland's Blondie)
8th #712 Jennifer, Aaron & Jennifer Harper Jessieville AR
Tattle Tail(Moser’s Turbo X Bugle Anne)
9th #203 Todd Richards Nashville AR
10th #911Tom & Bubba Powell Morrilton, AR
Squaller(Lakehill’s Jaybird X Goss Maggie II)

1st #4 Bobby Harris Alexander, AR
2nd #151 Conner Quinn Dierks, AR
3rd #14 Preston Kyzer Benton, AR
Cash(Scott’s Paul X Flying Blondie)
4th #7 Howard County Kennels Dierks, AR
Franklin(Hemphill’s Trouble X Liggin’s Sally)
5th #52 Hope & Faith Bratton Jessieville, AR
6th #11 Hoop & Hollar Kennels Lockesburg, AR
Hoop & Hollar Puddin(Lofton’s Jeramiah X Fox Fire Puddin)
7th #8 Leroy Goodwin Jessieville, AR
8th #44 Bill Launius Dierks, AR
Bald Eagle(Kidd’s Gone Famous X Wilson’s Momma)
9th #02 Stephen Morrison Story AR
Moonlight Pepper(Ace Bishop X Kens Black Annie)
10th 08 Ricky Bates Jessieville, AR
Bates Ruby(Bratton’s Sackett X Ten Mile Penny II)

Re: Results for the Arkansas Children's Hospital Hunt

3rd place dame Flying W Blondie (derby)

Re: Results for the Arkansas Children's Hospital Hunt

5th derby Brattons Bull by Brattons Sackett x Ten Mile Jazzy

Re: Results for the Arkansas Children's Hospital Hunt

1st place derby Jughead (Cochran's Pete X Zion Hill Dixie)

Re: Results for the Arkansas Children's Hospital Hunt

2nd place derby Jack. Williams Jack x Pruits Ruby