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Central La Foxhunters Asso. 2 Day Hunt

Central La 2 Day Field Trial
Nov. 12-14 Plantation Running Preserve
Aimwell, La.
47 Derby
49 All Age

Derby Results

1. #16 948 Pts Country Strong Lil Sister Fras.Bros. Bandit x Country Strong Macy,
Country Strong Kennels Dubach, La.
2. #17 852 Pts.Country Strong Boss,Dark's Frank x Dark's Hattie, Country Strong
Kennels, Dubach, La.
3. #8 816 Pts. Fras. Bros. Business Man, D&S Mighty Man x SwiftCreek Sneakers,
Fras Bros Kennels, Dubach, La
4. #74 781 Pts Will's Hook D, Moonlight's Redman x Moonlight's Classie,
Dennis Wills, Cleveland, Ms.
5. #1 740 Pts Hogan's Dipstick, La St Ch Lewis Buzz x Hogan's Ruby
Glen Hogan, Hineston, La
6. #9 735 Pts Lakehill's Stud, Ch Lakehill's Jaybird x Top Gun Ch Lakehill's
Black Pearl, Lakehill's Kennels, Pineville,La
7. #51 683 Pts. Coal Crk Shim, Moonlight's Redman x Moonlight's Classie,
Preacher Ratley, Kilborne, La
8. #15 664 Pts Lewis' Billy Jean, Lakehill's Hillbilly x Lewis'Fancy,
James Lewis, otis, La
9. #67 616 Pts DM Range, Butler's Ram Rod x DM Lexus
Danny Morris, Hunter, Ark
10.#41 593 Pts Thompson's Molly, Thompson's Pinkie x Thompson's Willma,
Benson Thompson, Elmer, La

Classiest Hound #75 Danny Morris, Little Rock, Ark
Best Mouth #3 Ch Lakehill's Jaybird x Top Gun Ch Lakehills Black Pearl,
B&B Kennels, Pineville, La

All Age

1.#191 1048 Pts La St D Ch Lakehill's Lacy, La St D Ch Lakehills Hillbilly x
Lakehills Lena II, Lakehill's Kennels, Pineville, La.
2.#151 932 Pts Lakehills Gus, Ch Lakehill's Jaybird x Pawnee's Pepper,
Combination Winner, Lakehills Kennels, Pineville, La.
3.#150 772 Pts Lewis Queenie, Lewter's Kid x Pawnee's Gypsy, James Lewis
Otis, La
4.#141 754 Pts DM Destiny, DM Pull II x Guyotte's Ellie, Danny Morris
Hunter, Ark
5.#110 753 Pts Thompson's 3 Toes, Lewis Buzz x Triple N Uno, Benson
Thompson, Elmer, La
6.#511 752 Pts Lakehill's Twister, Ch Lakehils Jaybird x Newells Bell,
Lakehills Kennels, Pineville, La
7.#170 740 Pts Starnes Penny, Pritchard's Cheese x D P's Dottie, Hemp's
Crk Kennels, Jena, La
8.#117 713 Pts Lewis'Pepper, Lewis Buzz x Lewis Cricket, James Lewis
Otis, La
9.#181 710 Pts DM Trouble, Stahl's Redman x DM Gypsy, Danny Morris,
Hunter, Ark
10.#116 708Pts Dark's Holly, Valentine's Ike x Dark's Hattie, Nick Dark
Quitman, La

Classiest Hound #141 Danny Morris, Hunter Ark
Best Mouth #811 Hemp's Crk Kennels, Jena, La

Hunters please advise spelling and name errors. Thanks

Re: Central La Foxhunters Asso. 2 Day Hunt

4th place derby should be Wills' Hook D......Dennis & Rosie Wills Rosedale Ms