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International Running Hound Classic

International Running Hound Classic
Ad in October issue of Horn
72 Hounds Entered

1. Webb's Chili Man (ch. Lakehill's Chili ex ch. Webb's Red Gal) J. W. Webb and Clyde Ely
2. Webb's Alabama (Whisenant's Jimmy B ex Whisenant's Stacy B) J. W. Webb and Clyde Ely
3. Killam Hill's Sadie (ch. Killam Hill's Bingo ex Morris' Popcorn) Killam Hill's Kennels
4. Killam Hill's Lil Fly (ch. Killam Hill's T ex Dennis' LuLu M) Killam Hill's Kennels
5. Webb's Lemon Lady (Webb's White Man ex Hell Cat Guenia) J. W. Webb and Clyde Ely
6. W W's Wingnut (Josh's Ten Top ex Sand L's Wink) W W Kennnels
7. Morris' Dixie ( Trib's Sharkey ex Adams' Shady Lady) Top Fox Kennels
8. Webb's Pretty Man (ch. Lakehill's Chili ex ch. Webb's Red Gal) J. W. Webb and Clyde Ely
9. Top Flite Cholly (ch. Nash's Willie ex Necaisies Wendy) Top Flite Kennels
10. Eastman's Ronnie (Eastman's Brandon ex Eastman's J. J.) Eastman's Kennels

Combination Winner: Killam Hill's Sadie
Dual Champion: Killam Hill's Sadie
Classy Hound: Webb's Alabama
Best Mouth: Webb's Alabama

Re: International Running Hound Classic

WW's Wingnut Josh's Ten Top x S & L's Shug