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2015 Ga State Youth Hunt results

Dana Archer

Jun 14, 2015 - 4:02PM

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2015 Ga State Youth Hunt results

I would like to thank everyone who came out to support the hunt and those who helped out . And thanks to all the Judges .

1st #911 Buck Brown McCoys Bod x B&K'S Popcorn Adam Sauls
2nd #7 Mercedes Bryson Joyner
3rd #1 Archers Ona BCM Slick X Hoppers Holly Erin Archer
4th #456 Pablo BCM Slick x BCM'S Lil Pacer Devin Moore
5th #79 Deloach's Patience Billys Dragon Fly x Cherrie Hill Nubby Levi Garrett
6th #429 Todd's Dream D&S Mighty Man x Slump Buster Pink's J Joshua Todd
7th #2 Dolly Amber Ridge Jimmy x Lil Clyo's Duches Adam Sauls
8th #0 Trent's Rock Pine Valley Warsaw x Pine Valley Scarlet Trent & Chloe
Trent & Chloe kennels
9th #77 Archers Millie BCM'S Slick x Archers Jenny Erin Archer
10th #36 Shut Up & Catch Up Squeller Dry Branch Spike x Dry Branch Red Rose
Mason Hale
11th #57 Chloe Young
12th #14 Erin Archer
13th #711 Adam Sauls
14th #56 Chloe Young
15th #61 Madson Funderburk
16th #15 Colby Crawford
17th #69 Devin Moore
18th #3 Joshua Todd
19th #87 Kelsey Kight
20th #Jaycee,Cassy,Jay Paulson

Combination Winner #911 Adam Sauls
Best Mouth #460 Laklyn Morris
Classiest Hound #3 Joshua Todd



Jun 14, 2015 - 4:58PM

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Re: 2015 Ga State Youth Hunt results

2nd place dog is off of Lakehills Jaybird x Teats Pearl


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