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Meherrin River 2-Day Derby Results

The Meherrin River 2-day Derby was held on October 10,11,2015 at Joe Lewis' Fox Preserve. We had a total of 83 hounds entered. I would like to thank everyone that came out to support the hunt. I would also like to thank the judges that came to judge the hunt. The HGA results are as followed.

1st-4 Whiskey Creek's Lopie (Ch. Opie's Gigolo x Thompson's Tweety Bird) Whiskey Creek Kennel
2nd-99 Hike to Em's John Wayne (Hike to Em's Hansel x Hike to Em's Wavy Lays) Hike to Em Kennel
3rd-21 Sturgeon Creek's Grinny (Sturgeon Creek's Dave x Sturgeon Creek's Trouble) Sturgeon Creek Kennel
4th-88 Piney River's Bonnie (T's Reaper x No Mercy's Willie) Piney River Kennel
5th-09 Hike to Em's Peachfuzz (Ch. Southern Rock's Nitro x Hike to Em's Half Pint) Hike to Em Kennel
6th-58 Piney River's Pablo (T's Reaper x No Mercy's Willie) Piney River Kennel
7th-67 MRK's Jawbreaker (Vargo's Max x MRK'S Jade) MRK Kennel
8th-13 Whiskey Creek's D.W (Ch. Whiskey Creek's C.R x Skyler's Hearts) Whiskey Creek Kennel
9th-54 Loudmouth's Apache (Davis' Riff x T&W'S Stringerette) Loudmouth Kennel
10th-90 Tori (Ch. Wilson's Boots x Hunt's Betty) Run Um Down Kennel

Combination Winner 4-Whiskey Creek's Lopie Whiskey Creek Kennel