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Paranormal activity

My room is decorated with a bunch of different posters taped to the wall, every night some time in the middle of the night 2 particular posters come down, a very large scar face poster and a smaller poster of something else. These posters only come down at night...Last night (04/28-29/1010) while i was sleeping the posters came down and at the same time my chihuahua dog attacked and jumped on me as if someone was there, he has never attacked anythng or anyone the way he did last night. At the same time this poster came off the wall and he jumped and attacked he would not get off me and when i awoke to this attack i felt a very thick evil presence in the room i was in....we just moved in within the last 2 weeks and Before a few nights ago i did not feel anything wrong with the house....If anyone has any suggestions or something to relieve the paranormal please email me... been looking into things and have not yet come up with a spell or regimen that is right for my particular situation, which is most the people in the house are not comfortable with wiccan and spells....Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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