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Wiccan Tradition Message Board
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Just looking for some firends

Hello, I am just putting this out there. I have been following the Pagan path for a while now, however, I still consider myself very new. I would love someone to just email with who shares the same beliefs and views. I come from a very christian town and family and cannot share my love for the goddess except in secret. I would love to hear from you.

Re: Just looking for some firends

hey Melissa

I too am looking for friends that are wiccans. I started being a wiccan a couple of months ago and so far i have sucessfully completed 4 protection spells, 2 clensing spells and (sorry to say) a curse (someone ****** me off. it wasn't very harsh) So anyway i would love to be friends with you if you are willing to and we could even text! so if you could email me back at that would be great!