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whats happening?

ok this might be way off the mark here. All this may be nothing and my imaginination might just be running away with me...which honestly isnt at all out of character. i dont know much about Wiccan anything really but ive always felt a connect to it but never really knew how to find out more. Im a very creative person which is why all this might just me my imaginiation running away with me...but i feel things what would sound like i was crazy if i explained them to someone else. Sometimes i see a person, on TV and i only have to see a facial expression or their voice, or something...i dont really know what triggers it...but then sometimes i feel a connection between them and someone i know. I feel like everyone has something they give off, like an extention of their soul...and sometimes i feel two people have that simular extention. They can look totally different, be totally different ages, be nothing the same...yet they are very simular in a way i cant explain. It's happened to me 3 times and i feel like its something bigger then just my imaginination. Ive also always been very good at reading people...meaning i can influence them, or manipulate them...and i can do it extreemly easily. i have been able to for a long time. And weird other things like i have exteem trust in my dreams. I had a dream not that long ago that told me i had to document how i feel for a writer so it wasnt hard. It told me i had to because i needed to settle my thoughts...and i didnt even question it. I dont know whether all this mean nothing, but i just wanted to know whether any of this means anything to anyone? Basically im just looking for some answers or ideas to what any of this means. thanks.