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I need help!

Hi. I recently just broke up with my husband and he has a new girlfriend again. This would be the second time he did this, first time his ex girlfriend now has two children with him... How do I stop caring for him and how can I end this cycle? is it wrong of me to want to punnish him?

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Re: I need help!

I think you should try this:


Melvin Missa

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Re: I need help!


It's not easy to get over someone you love or have loved. It can be done successfully.

As a wiccan or pagan keep in mind the "Harm 'None" lifestyle; meaning You have a right to have a life FREE OF HARM. If this man has caused you harm, even emotionally you have the right to break the ties and set yourself free from the relationship. Some times we have to know when to take out the garbage - clean up, and set ourselves on a new path that can offer us no harm.

Simple candle magick can work very well for helping you and the emotional work you have ahead - as well as protect you from further harm from this man. Using magick to keep an abusive situation alive for the sake of love can be considered misuse of magick since the situation is harmful to one or both of you and the law states clearly "Harm 'None", that would include YOURSELF.

Candle Magick
Healing & Reversal:
1. Get a Chime Candle - with the color association of the emotion or need you are having. This will be your "Intent".
Add a crystal like amethyst & rose quartz. Amethyst is for overcoming addiction / & Rose quartz is for self love.
2. Next, use an oil &/or herb in that association as well. I used to make all my incense and oils, but recently have gone to using some HooDoo oils that have the Intent on the label. I have had really great success with them!
3. Cleanse/Purify your Candle the way you do this for magick. Consecrate, then Charge/Infuse your Intent into the Candle. (Note: if you are bannishing you will want to work from the middle of the candle to the bottom & middle to the top. Point the bottom away form you. *A Black & Red double action "REVERSAL" Candle works great for reversing the negative a person has caused or intended YOU, and sending that BAD Karma back to them --- In turn, returning the GOOD and positive back to you. Wouldn't it be great if not only could you be free from the relationship, but also have all the good years and good lost restored back to you?
4. The time you spend performing these spells will be your personal time with your God & Goddess. They will listen and take your cares as their own.
You might feel drunk or tipsy even light hearted after performing these. It's normal.
Just make sure to have your intent written:
"In the name of the Goddess & God
I (intent)....
& it Harm None, So be it."
Chime Candles -- Allow these candles to burn until it is done. If they go out early its fine, as long as they go out by themselves.
Double Action Candle -- Is huge. It will burn for 24 hrs, so you can put this out and restart it 3 & up to 7 different days letting it go out by itself on the last day.

Keep up on your rituals. They can give you hope that you have the world ahead of you. If you do not perform ritual yourself, get to know the Wheel of the year and what promises a witch has at each season. The whole idea of the wheel of life, death, and rebirth can be really inspiring. ^ . ^

Blessed Be!

Hope this helps.