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Well, my name is Alison and my fiance is Wiccan. I am learning more about wicca and we want to get married. We have both looked for a priest/priestess to marry us but the city we live in, not a lot of people know much about wicca. I am going to college and afterwards we are moving. How would we get married the Wicca way? Thank you email me anytime.
<3 Alison

Do you know a Wiccan or Mystical topic that should be discussed? Marriage

Re: Marriage

I too am wiccan and getting married next yr and am finding it terribly difficult to find a wiccan priest/priestess in the bedfordshire area to perform the ceremony, if you hear of one would you let me know and vice versa. x

Re: Marriage

Greetings, and Merry Meet,
My name is Amethyst Crystal or “Amy” for short. We live in a small town in New Hampshire in, the U.S.A. Although we are planning a “future” vacation to the British Isles, we are not yet familiar with the town names and locations!

I just now stumbled upon this site and saw Alison’s request for help in June of 2006. I fear that I may be too late for her, but as for Vanessa, April 2010, I might be able to shed a bit of light. I use a site called “The Witches Voice”, I searched for a “qualified” Priestess or Priest (in England) to handle Handfastings. The list gives you the township that they are from, If they are a Priestess or Priest, and a list of services that they perform.

Now I’ve found that there isn’t a list out there that lists “all”, so if these people aren’t close enough for your needs try contacting a couple… perhaps they can put you onto a more “local person.

The Witches Voice – Main Site

Witch/Pagan Clergy Listings

I hope this will be of help to those in search of a Priestess or Priest. Even if you are outside England and the U.S.A., this site lists a lot of areas. It also has a wealth of general knowledge. If you know of a Priestess or Priest that is not listed, let them know about the site so that the listings will grow further.
We wish the best, that all went well for Alison.
Our highest hopes and blessings for your upcoming Handfasting Vanessa.
)O( Goddess Bless )O(