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Mayfly CK363

I am currently doing some research into an oyster smack built by my ancestors, Stebbings, of Burnham-on-Crouch.

The smack in question is May Fly (or Mayfly). I have a document from my family archive that suggests a smack called May Fly was built by Stebbings in 1877. From photos and the Colchester register of sea fishing boats (held at Essex County Records), I have reason to believe
that at different times she has been registered as CK363 and CK121. She may also have been registered in London for a while. And of course, a Mayfly is still sailing as CK363.

Various mentions on Mayfly on the Internet have CK363 Mayfly recorded as being built by Shuttlewoods in 1912. I would be very interested to learn if anyone has evidence of this. It would be interesting to find out if there really are two Mayfly's, and if so, identify which one is which.

The Colchester register of sea fishing boats has Mayfly CK363 down as being built in 1889.

Many thanks if anyone is able to help.