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Where are they now?

In recent years, during our annual gatherings in Devon, our musings over a few pints have led us to listing the characters who were either club members, or folks from other freindly bike groups ; chiefly from Wales and Bristol.
Here is a list of untraced members and dudes, that do not currently feature on the traced or untraced lists.
Eddie Zeke, Anita (Neet), Yammie & Joyce, Geoff & Marie, Melanie, Don & Laurie, Andrea, Roy & Sue, Colin Warren, Barry Orpin, Don (NZ), Sally,Simon George (Saint), Phil Chudleigh, Lorraine (Lol),Andy Knowles,Gary (Shirley), "Digger",Les, Bodger, John (Lurch),Sid (Wales), Lennie, Charlie, Grunt, Oric, Easy,and Ratty.
Do these names ring any bells? Maybe more characters may come to mind.
See some of you in Devon this summer!

Re: Where are they now?