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2007 Plans

Phil, I know it must be a bit soul destroying as you probably think you're shouting into an empty void, not even an echo for response! Thanks for keeping this going and here's a little insight into some of my plans for this year.

Sometime in next 2-3 months I'll be going to India on business for 2 - 3 weeks, the timing being uncertain means other plans have to be flexible.

One thing that is not flexible is that I'm going to the TT this year (June), with Dave Mort and a few others, one being Mick Hayes, who you may or may not remember as on the occasion of Prince Charles wedding to Lady Diana Spencer he and I travelled to Devon and joined in the Beesands party. Mick had a BSA B31 in those days.

I'm also going down to Devon for the usual few days - don't know which bike, that may depend on how effective my visits to the chiropractor are.

Late May is the BMF Rally in Peterborough, there's usually deals on gear, some custom and new bikes and some entertainment etc.

I also plan to go on my annual three day pilgrimage to the Great Dorset Steam Fair, great beer tent, steam engines, beer tent, old motobikes, beer tent, commercials & heavy haulage, beer tent, steam sawing and ploughing, cider tent, fairground, beer tent, auto scrap jumble, cider tent, you get the picture!

I just recently bought another bike, a 1999 Kawasaki ZX9-R, haven't ridden it much yet, need to move the footpegs from "cripplingly high" to merely "painfully cramped" before I can ride it any distance!

Both the Laverda and the Suzuki passed MOT's OK so I have a couple of operational bikes but now need some better weather……….


Re: 2007 Plans

I presume you will be staying at Waterside House in Torcross (Paul and Cheryl's B&B).