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The Human Shape of the Holy Land

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The Human Shape of the Holy Land
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To any member or surfer of this forum

We humans do share one thing in common with robots and that is causality. Everything we do, and every choice we make is the product of a cause. It is absolutely impossible to choose what we do not prefer. The fact that we choose it demonstrates that we prefer it.

We had a professor in Bible school that frequently said, "Knowledge is not knowing everything. Knowledge is knowing where you can find what you need to know when you need to know it."

I am actively posting on many forums every day because I am trying to reach as many people as possible with the information that enabled me, and many other people, to recover from a nervous breakdown.

Because I am trying to reach as many people as possible I don't take the time to answer individual questions about the Bible but instead direct people to where they can find the answer.

Consequently I would like to say to any member of this forum who is inclined to be influenced by the writings of teachers of eternal suffering, and who is at the same time suffering from their inability to successfully cope with the idea that the Bible teaches eternal suffering for anyone; I would just like them to know this. I'm 68, and I have spent most of my life studying both sides of this argument. I have heard every argument that has ever been conceived to support the idea that the Bible teaches eternal suffering for anyone. All of them have been refuted many times over using biblical evidence in many books, on hundreds of recorded tapes, and on the internet.

Two of the best sources on the internet are TENTMAKER and THE OUTCOME OF INFINITE GRACE by Dr Loyal Hurley.

Just type a key word or phrase from any argument or passage of scripture into the search engine at the top of TENTMAKER'S front page and ten articles will appear that scripturally refute the eternal hell doctrine. Then click to the next page and ten more articles will appear, and so on and so on for thousands of pages.
You can Google it up. TENTMAKER is always number one on Google’s tentmaker list.

Dr. Hurley's writing also scripturally covers every aspect of the argument. You can also Google it up by title.

IMHO to not allow links on forums that prove that the administrator and the managers are wrong about their beliefs just convinces me that they are afraid to examine the evidence because their denominational teachers have them under their control by fear. They simply don’t know any better.

I post on forums to help the members and the surfers to know that there is irrefutable proof that God is not like the fundamentalist Christians say that a correctly (literally, not interpretively) translated Bible teaches He is. But I realize that if it's not the strongest influence in your life to search it out for yourself you simply will not do it. I have found that many people do not want punishment to be limited in duration. I wish I knew how to change that attitude but I don't.

Know this everyone: Just because you don't know an answer to an argument doesn't mean there isn't one.

It takes a long time to unlearn all of the arguments that eternal-hell denominations teach in support of endless suffering in hell. But I am a living testimony that it can be done.

Through the power in the blood of Christ's cross He is going to eventually save everyone.
Believe it. Rejoice in it because it’s true.
From Rodger Tutt in Toronto, Canada
"That God may be All in all" 1Cor.15:28