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The Human Shape of the Holy Land

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The Human Shape of the Holy Land
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Mr Rodger Tutt, God has sent me to get you saved.

A man is on his roof during a flood...the water is rising...he is GOING to die soon

But then a girl in a canoe comes and says "I can fit another person in here...quick get in"
He declines
"God will save me" he says
She leaves sadly

Then later a man in a motor boat comes..."I have room for ten people to get to safety...quick get in"
"God will save me" the stranded man says
The man leave confused

Then later a million dollar yacht rides by, with hundereds of people

they all shout "Quick get...we can fit countless people in here...quick get on the boat"

He shouts back "Don't worry...God will save me"
The yacht cannot stop for one man for very long so it leaves

The man remained on the house
And of course he drowned
When he got to heaven he asked God "Why didn't you save me? I had so much faith in you."

God says "What are you talking about? I sent three whole boats to save just you."

Mr Tutt, if you die without Jesus, you will go to Hell, and when you ask God Why? He will tell you He sent the Crusader and you would not listen.
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