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The Human Shape of the Holy Land

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The Human Shape of the Holy Land
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The debate about the duration of punishment after the great white throne judgment frequently ends with each participant saying, “My Greek scholars are more reliable than your Greek scholars,” and the result of the debate is a stalemate

When that happens I like to say, “If you think it glorifies God more to believe that He is going to sustain some of His creatures alive in an inescapable state of suffering forever or be annihilated, then you should keep believing that.”

“But if you think it glorifies God more to eventually meet everyone on the level of their GREATEST AND DEEPEST NEED, which is A CHANGE IN THEIR STUBBORN WILL so they won’t suffer forever or be annihilated, then I would like you to know that there is a lot of Biblical evidence that because of what Christ accomplished by His death and resurrection, through the power in the blood of His cross, all fallen creatures everywhere are going to be saved from everything from which they need to be saved.

I have learned by experience (I’m 69) that the people who want to keep believing that the Bible proves that everyone deserves to suffer forever in hell just because they were born into this world, or because they don’t make the “right” choice before it’s “too late,” or that God created beings with a will so strong that they can irreversibly choose themselves into a state of eternal torment, or be annihilated - these people will keep believing it because they want to.

But people who want to believe that the Bible nowhere supports such a concept of God will examine the evidence contained in

And also here
Information, and frequently asked questions in support of a correctly (literally, not interpretively) translated Bible teaching universal salvation,

copy and paste into address bar if necessary

and they will learn that the Bible actually teaches universal salvation instead, not even annihilation.

Or, they will go to the search engine at the top of and will type in a key word or phrase from any argument or scripture passage. Ten articles will come up refuting the claim that the Bible teaches eternal torment or annihilation. Then they may click to the next page and ten more articles will come up, and so on and so on for many pages.

The many entries in my guestbook that is accessed towards the bottom of my front page


and the many entries at
show just how much this information is helping people.

This was the information that enabled me to recover from a twelve year nervous breakdown (1966-78), and it gives me great joy to keep learning that it is helping more and more other people too!!

I am also going to guide you to the testimony of a man whose experience was almost identical to mine. Even the thought processes that took him into, through, and out of his breakdown are the same as mine. Only he is much more eloquent in telling his story than I am in telling mine. His name is Charles Slagle.