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Re: my parents know Ahh!

Hey, I'm almost 13. I know how you feel. My parents don't know. They have trouble facing reality and stuff, and it causes problems at home. Good luck with yours.

Check out the FAQ on this site, and the links to other FAQ's. Explain to them it is a religion; you aren't going to go vampire hunting, and you certinantly won't be blowing holes in the wall or blasting people out of windows.

~You may want to just lay low for a while and not practice the craft. When you turn 18, then you can do whatever you want.

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My parents just found out that I'm a wiccan, and they think I'm nuts. THey're both psychologists and preceeded to psychoanalyze me, thinking I wanted to be weird and different, and that I was attracted to wicca by buffy and charmed. I've tried to tell them what wicca is, but they won't listen. ANy websites, ideas, helpful arguments, or anything of that nature would be EXTREMELY helpful.