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My Dream!

I am in big trouble! Every night when i am sleeping, i'm beiing killed in my dreams. I used magick en and spells to protect me and even tried to use dream catchers, but nothing helps. This morning when i waked up, i couldn't move or breath. What can i do to stop this. Today i had also a vision: i someone kill my friend wiccan... I used my magick to protect my friend and then i died. That was it. What is happening to me... Help me...

of malta

Re: My Dream!

One way I find works( use your most 'in tune' element):
Take a tiny piece of paper. Tell your dreams to it. Say, 'With [element]I banish thee. An it harm none so mote it be.' To complete the spell with...
Earth: Bury it at least 1 foot deep in soil. Sprinkle salt over the soil.
Air: On a windy day, let it blow off.
Fire: Burn it. What else? Or paint it over entirely with red paint. Make sure it's no longer visible.
Water: Set it outside on a rainy day or let it dissolve in water.