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'Black Cat Ban' month

I would like to remind everyone that October, which nears quickly, is 'black cat ban' month once more. This means that some whacked-up sickos will torture, mutilate, paint with white stripes and even kill black kitties during the coming month. If you live in a low-population area then this will almost certainly not occur, but... if you live in a place with lots of people or a large, bustling city and happen to have a lovely felinous companion graced with the colour of the night, BE CAREFUL WITH THEM. The harming of these dark-furred pets during the 'ban' month originates from superstitions about black cats being bad luck, symbols of death, related to witchcraft etc. So... if you have a black cat, be super careful with them in the Okties. Also, remember, chocolate is highly toxic to both dogs and cats. Thanks for hearing me out! ~Noka, the concerned cat-lover