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How do I tell my parents and friends?

I'm new to using withc craft, but have studied it for around two years now. Everybody thinks I'm weird because my life revolves around my studies and writings, and the subject doesn't help either. I want to tell my parents, but I'm already under counsiling, and don't want to parents to think that I'm worshiping the Devil. Can anybody give me pointers on ho wto tell them with out them thinking that I've sunk to far into my depression?

Re: How do I tell my parents and friends?

Well, what I would do is wait for a while more to tell your parents, until you think they would understand. All of a sudden, take up a sudden intrest in many religions, and share your findings on all of them to your parents. then, ask for their oppinion on it. See what they say about each one.

For your friends, make sure they would completely understand. I told one of my friends via a note during a study hall during exam week. I told another on our bus in French (she was teaching me) I told another of my friends everything about it, then told her (she's since become Wiccan too^-^) And the last one was because my first friend I told it too(exam week) told her biggest secret to her, so I had to tell too. I had another friend who, even though he didn't know much about it, figured it out on his own. (I used to talk to him about that kinda thing. He moved, it's sad)
You can try some of those things out for yourself, but only with your closest, non-prejudist friends(you know, otherwise they may try to "salvage" your soul, never had that happen to me).