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I've been a wiccan since I was in eighth grade now. My best friend approached me with Silver Ravenwolf's Teen Wolf, telling me about her interest in the craft, and ever since then I've been studying. I remember how I used to spend hours every day going online and reading books, researching holidays and traditions. But I'm now in tenth grade, and it seems to have gotten away from me. Wicca is no longer a priority in my life since I have so many other things going on at the same time.

And with this, I appeal to you all. I want to get back into wicca, make it a focus in my life again, but I don't know how anymore. I don't know if anyone has any tips or chants to use in every day life, etc. But it would be helpful. Even if u're a real beginner and have no idea what you're talking about. Thanks and Blessed be.

Re: life

Try setting aside about ten or fifteen minutes every day, specifically for meditating and studying. It doesn't matter what you're doing at the time, whatever it is, just drop it. Gah, it sound like you really need to take a break from all that studying and activities!