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I'm new.. :)

Hello everyone. I'm Dawn... I have been reading about Wicca since I was in 7th grade. But I've finally decided that it's the route that I want to take in my life, religion wise.

I added up my numerology for my birthday, which came to a 1. And on my first try for a craft name.. (Red Flame), it equaled out to 1 as well! Pretty nifty huh?Maybe it's a sign :) Oh well, ending my random blabber here.

I'm just looking for anyone who is Wiccan to chat with, maybe to help me out with some things, or just to be online buds.

My e-mail is rip_city_babydoll@hotmail.com and my aim is xMissCenterfoldx

Thanks everyone :)

Re: I'm new.. :)

Hey Dawn
I just started reading about Wicca a few months ago. I'm going into high school in the fall. I realize that you posted in february, but I'm replying now all the same.