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Re: thai troops at bear cat

I remember the Queen's Cobra Regiment at Bearcat. I was there for TET, with H & A, 709th I remember the Thais would behead the Viet Cong & hang their heads on a stick. Also I remember that there was always a long line at the PX and most of the line was Thai Soldiers. The rumor was that we were paying them good money and they liked to spend it at the PX, buying all the watches, radios, etc.

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does anyone remember the thailand troops,the queens cobras,they were a good fighting unit,i was with them and the 2/47,3/5 5/60 we went to the field to work on their tanks,was under the y-bridge in saigon during the tet of 68,can't remember which unit we were with.know it was me,franklin danley,and andy anderson,thinking the 3/5.

Re: thai troops at bear cat

When the 9th Div. moved to Dong Tam, the Royal Thai Divison moved into Bearcat in Aug. 1968.(Queens Cobra) they really loved the PX.