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Prophetic Dreams and Visions

We would like to know what the Lord is speaking and showing his prophetic people in this hour. This is a safe place to share your dreams and visions. In Acts Chapter 2 Peter preached the first sermon after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room. He said that in the last days the Lord was going to pour out His Spirit on all flesh. He went on to say that there would be dreams and visions and prophecy. According to Bible prophecy, we are living in the later part of those last days. People are receiving dreams and visions from the Lord like never before. This message board is provided for the edification and fellowship of those Christians that are hearing the Lord in dreams and visions. Remember to be patient. Sometimes the Lord doesn't provide interpretations right away. We don't want to rush anyone! Holy Spirit, speak your truth, in love! Amen!

Prophetic Dreams and Visions
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Stopped Up Ears

I felt it only right to follow up my last post with a dream that God gave me a while back. In this dream I was located on what seemed to be an island, totally surrounded by pristine clear water as in a spring. A large building was located on the island with many people going in and out, talking. clamoring, jesting, laughing, etc. Suddenly about a hundred yards or so in the sky Jesus appeared. It was vivid and appeared as if He were sitting on stool with His legs crossed. In a normal tone of voice words were flowing from His lips. I strained to hear but could not due to the clamoring unattentive crowd. The building proved to be a church and the people who made it up. I desperately pleaded with Jesus to speak louder but He continued in a normal tone of voice. I frantically truned to the bustling crowd pleading, "Don't you see Jesus, He is speaking to us --please be quite so we can hear what He is saying. They paid no attention continuing as if He were not present. Suddenly it was as if a plug had been pulled and the water began to recede leaving behind mud. I then heard the Lord say, "This is the way it is with so many of My children -- I am speaking but they are so caught up with the things of this present life, they cannot hear, and with that He vanished." Please remember the words of our Lord, "He that hath an ear, let him hear..." Had we all listened I belive that we would have experienced a great move of the Spirit, but because we did not, our opportunity to drink from the fountain of God was replaced with mud.