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Prophetic Dreams and Visions

We would like to know what the Lord is speaking and showing his prophetic people in this hour. This is a safe place to share your dreams and visions. In Acts Chapter 2 Peter preached the first sermon after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room. He said that in the last days the Lord was going to pour out His Spirit on all flesh. He went on to say that there would be dreams and visions and prophecy. According to Bible prophecy, we are living in the later part of those last days. People are receiving dreams and visions from the Lord like never before. This message board is provided for the edification and fellowship of those Christians that are hearing the Lord in dreams and visions. Remember to be patient. Sometimes the Lord doesn't provide interpretations right away. We don't want to rush anyone! Holy Spirit, speak your truth, in love! Amen!

Prophetic Dreams and Visions
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PROPHETIC WARNING DREAM of the Falling Away from Faith!

Dream – I saw a Pastor and his wife Quit the Church.
Today is Sunday 2-26-12 time now is 4:30pm
I had this dream I believe it was from the Lord.
I saw myself and my wife and daughter, we were visiting a New church for the 1st time, and we got there a little early. The Pastor and his wife were talking and visiting with the new people. Well the Pastor was holding a small bag or it was a small black Shofar. I really wanted to meet him and talk to him. After he got done talking to someone I said to myself,” Oh good he is coming over to talk to us.”
Well the Pastor went over to his wife who was talking to someone, and he said something to her and he laid down the small black bag and they turned and left the Church. They quit the Ministry. This is right before the church service was going to start, people were in shock. I was in shock to! I said to myself what’s going to happen to this church and to the people. It’s like the Lord gave me a vision in my dream of an empty church building and it was going to be vacant from now own. I said to myself, Oh no this can’t happen. I was very worried about the people. So I turned to my daughter and my wife and said,” run out to the car and get my Shofar quick”. So they did and I saw people started leaving the church and going into the parking lot, so I ran out also to get my shofar right away. I got it and I blew it and I told the people to get back into the church building. Some did and some left. And I was kind of waking up from this dream and I started thinking and praying about this dream and I knew I had to go into this church to blow the shofar and to tell the people not to be afraid, that I would be willing to become the Head Pastor of the church, because I saw no one else in the church stepping up and taking this Head Pastor position.
The church had about 100 people in it. It was a very nice church building. And the dream was over.
My interpretation: The dream kind of speaks for itself. I saw a Pastor and his wife lose faith in what they were doing for God in pasturing a church. It hurt me deeply to see this and I could not or did not want to see all these people without a Pasto or someone to lead them to show them the Love of God. I knew I had to step up in a new church, a place where I have never been before. I did not know anyone in that church.
It hurt me also that no one else in the church would step up in to the role of the head Pastor.
What I feel that the Lord is telling me is to get ready. You will start to see more Pastors and people lose their faith in God. And they will just walk away from the church and God.
But for me and my family to get ready that God has a New Church for us and God was going to promote my family and I to be Pastors of a Church.
I will step up to this Call when the Lord gives it to me.
Many Blessings to you all. If you know of a Church that needs a Pastor please let me know?
God Bless everyone who reads this dream.
Robert Lee Williams

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