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Prophetic Dreams and Visions

We would like to know what the Lord is speaking and showing his prophetic people in this hour. This is a safe place to share your dreams and visions. In Acts Chapter 2 Peter preached the first sermon after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room. He said that in the last days the Lord was going to pour out His Spirit on all flesh. He went on to say that there would be dreams and visions and prophecy. According to Bible prophecy, we are living in the later part of those last days. People are receiving dreams and visions from the Lord like never before. This message board is provided for the edification and fellowship of those Christians that are hearing the Lord in dreams and visions. Remember to be patient. Sometimes the Lord doesn't provide interpretations right away. We don't want to rush anyone! Holy Spirit, speak your truth, in love! Amen!

Prophetic Dreams and Visions
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The Three Scrolls

The Lord often brings back to my rememberance a vision I had of three scrolls. It has been so encouraging that I wanted to share it as I believe it will speak to others as well. The Lord told me "I AM the God of the Past, the God of the Present and the God of the Future." He said "if there is something in your past you cannot take care of, I can. If there is something in your present or something in your future that bothers you, I can take care of that as well. I AM the God of the past, the present and the future."

Re: The Three Scrolls

I knew another man who said God was dad, he saw a great many miracles in his life. So did i, and i think that makes us closer to God.

You experaince the halo around the head yet? When the holy spirit directly comes to speak, you die, your head and mind go black just as though you had died, except you freez in place and dont fall over. When you come back to life and the blood comes back to the head there is a tingling feeling from being asleep, just as if your arm fell asleep. When you come back the words that God speaks is there. He told me that i was free to marry anone i choose, i found the passege in a greek translation bible i had, that also added on the end, even him who is in heaven.

So God said i was free to marry anyone i chose, even him. Think about that one, when you get it right youll be confussed about a lot of things. So the halo being the death and rezerection, symbolizing baptism.

a good question to ask would be does God do anything he wont allow us to do? When you get what God said correct, it will really be messed up, but you will understand how salvation really works, and how he got around all of us. Whats the most important thing is to do what God wants, and you can only do what God wants if you understand the true meanings within the bible.

We live in the now, So God can only change whats in the now, but yes he can fix things.

Re: The Three Scrolls

what about unbelievers? Your spirit will be joined to that person's spirit...

Re: The Three Scrolls

Did our spirits join with Christs spirit? If we change we change for the greater not the worst. Jesus saved up by proxy, substatuting his bloos for the lambs. So by proxy we are all saved. He paid the price for our sins, he took our place on the cross. So by proxy we are saved, if we believe he died for our sins, and claim him for our savior, and he is the son of God. That he sent the holy spirit to help us find our way, those gifts as we need them to overcome the lies of this world.

By his proxy i was saved, i experainced great joy, so great i had to ask God to take that joy away because it hurt. I couldnt bear the great Joy i found. By that proxy i was lead by those gifts through the lies, to the proper athoritys that are hidden by the devil, and yet are the devil.

What is marrige exept for binding and loosing, what is the bible for except for our reltationships between each other and God? What is proxy except to forgive those who wish to be forgiven. Did not Jesus say it is more easy to forgive than it is to heal? For those souls who wish to be forgiven, admitting they are wrong, fully giving their lives to Christ are transforming into that same image from glory to glory, even as i have been changed.

When you pray ask, and thank, because he already knows what you want, then ask for conformation that it was God who gave the gift, so his inspirited work can tell you. So there is no mistake in what you do. And always in the name of Jesus. We can see the same things Jesus saw, and greater things can we do.

So any spirit cant be joined because they are not the same, but for those that agree, and see that God is about proxy understand its based on the freedom of choice. Alive or dead is the meaning of binding and loosing, on earth or in heaven both sides have to match. In works we ask what to do, we look for the evidance of hope, and we seek what to do in both heaven and earth. When you line them up they come together in one place just as in the story of Christ.

If you started when you were a child, then you would grow up being inspired, and taken to the cross to die, but instead of dieing your saved. After you get older its much harder to be inspired, and have to seek where to go and what to do.

Nothing unclean can attatch itself to you, just out of the fact they cant agree. The agreement which is more like a contract between you and God, that you will keep your word, just as he does. If others cant do it they cant be proxyed. Most saints have to proxy others in life because when their life is over their part is done. Unless they become a translated being made imortal but not passing on, then they may come and help. The inspired words come from God in the form of translating, but the transformation come when its seen, or when miracles are seen.

If you saw an angel you would believe what they said, but many religions at the same time might claim that angel came because of their athority. That angel would have only come to help you, not that any miracle comes from anyone but God. Its the light thats shed on the darkness that translates, and transformes to actually change a person. Its the insides of that persons thoughts that change among other things.

A person with any clue knows that unless they truely know what and how God works, and the true meaning of the scriptures that they shouldnt try to save others. Its set up by God to do that, not for others to take over and do what they want. Just because someone goes to learn it, doesnt mean they put the time into God to know it.

You will find upon picking a church that each one must rebaptize you because only their athority matters. If you put the time into looking for the truth you will discover the why. You will find the right people. Inspiration comes from looking for the truth, and wanting to do what God wants. You follow your dreams, and find the places, you follow your inspirations from Gods word, but beware. Others will use them if they know them, to trick you, as they tried to do to me. God lead me away from them.

God will care about those who care about what he cares for, not just that i would create a miracle with what im doing. Elijah the prophet was a man who was translated, he is one that can help. But all who are touched by him are simular in some way. It was Elijah that said if you see me asend into heaven.

Re: The Three Scrolls

Watch this video. What do you think?

Re: The Three Scrolls

Can christains be demon possesed? Thats what poped up. I couldnt actually tell if the person was telling the truth, or if their concepts were based on a self brainwashing or not. Not to be insulting.

Though the concept is known as being tested, like in the Lords prayer it says to keep us from the evil one, but some bibles say keep us from the test. To me he actually sounded like he was mad he put himself in that situation, and in fustration of wanting to brainwash himself got mad at jesus for putting himself in that situation, and called it demon possesion to justify his actions.

Most men have trouble explaining their emotions because its not something to do with problem solving. They dont know how, because they dont know it exists. Men are normally tought that women are the emotional ones, and we are lied to, to be more easily controled, so we dont know how to tell our emotions very well. We just know that if a man gets angry and we know him, to leave him alone for a while untill he gets over it, and then talk to him. Its unsaid, but we know it.

If we know God, we can still make mistakes because most of us dont wait for conformation of the spirit or to ask God in the first place if we can do something or not. He didnt wait to find out either way.

The devil has to follow Gods rules, because God made everything, so the only thing the devil can do is to misslead, and lie. More importantly getting us to do the same things. So he missleads us, just as God leads us. Telling the differance between the devil and God is no easy feat for anyone. The most important rules to remember is we have to go to God, and ask. We wait for conformation of the spirit even though we are taking a active role looking, and that brings about the answer even if we slip up. God never comes to us, and tells us anything outright. Only the devil comes to offer friendship, and friendship to open the door to come inside. Its symbolic that the devil wants inside us, to open a door, to befriend. This is not conformation. Another trick the devil likes to use is pretending to be God, giving false conformation as to the answer to prayer. This is not given by the spirit but within life that only seems that God gave it. If the devil ever should enter anyone, its to reinforce his lies. He will have someone without athority to come so that it will be big news, and get them to exorcise him out. Another trick is he will place himself where you will be going to manifest himself to you sacring you to others, so that you will feel safe, and in doing that you believe those people are good for you.

Nothing really terrible happend to the guy, except a bad feeling that he needed justification for.

A true born again experaince removes blasphemy, ridicule, blame, and swearing. In other words it wouldnt be in him to do that, because of the rule of learning and growing with God. But all in all its part of the growning experaince, and a person has to start someplace. If he is putting that much effort, for real into it, something should be happening for him by now.

I remember back when i started, and was curious about it, and made the efforts. I didnt understand a lot, and didnt understand the spirit has no words when those inspirations are given. Its why every religion has a different outlook on the bible, they just can explain it yet. When a angel would come to me, i didnt know it was a angel because no one knew how to explain the bible. When God gave me dreams no one was able to interpret them right because they didnt know how. When i had visions no one could tell me what they meant, but they were leading athoritys on the subject. It cant be hidden, people see those things and want to know why. But yet no one can explain them.

Demons are not to blame for everything, we make mistakes because we are human, and being human we must learn. Whats the meaning of life? To live it the best you can, and to learn. Thats what we are born for, that is our reason, and our purpose. We think. Then their is getting back to heaven where we came from, and we can only do that if we overcome ourselves, because thats the only hold the devil has on us. Its our vanity of purpose in Gods eyes, the devil thinks the same way. If we are honest with ourselves all the time, and when we dont know we ask God, we wait for God to answer, we keep our word and our agreements with him. The last supper is keeping our agreement, no matter what. The devil isnt a part of us, and he cant make us do anything. He can only influence our choices, by leading us in the wrong direction.

Think about it, Jesus is the example. Jesus said, its not what my father in heaven tells me to do, its what he shows me to do. Jesus going to the river, and John telling him that jesus should baptize him instead, Jesus would have failed. When Jesus got it right, he was confirmed. When cain and able made a sacrafice, it was Able who was confirmed. Nothing to get jeleouse about, but we learn that way.