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Prophetic Dreams and Visions

We would like to know what the Lord is speaking and showing his prophetic people in this hour. This is a safe place to share your dreams and visions. In Acts Chapter 2 Peter preached the first sermon after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room. He said that in the last days the Lord was going to pour out His Spirit on all flesh. He went on to say that there would be dreams and visions and prophecy. According to Bible prophecy, we are living in the later part of those last days. People are receiving dreams and visions from the Lord like never before. This message board is provided for the edification and fellowship of those Christians that are hearing the Lord in dreams and visions. Remember to be patient. Sometimes the Lord doesn't provide interpretations right away. We don't want to rush anyone! Holy Spirit, speak your truth, in love! Amen!

Prophetic Dreams and Visions
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I had seen a Tsunami that came right through the center of the United States

11-28-07 dream of Wilma Piazza
Well, it started last evening. I had gone to bed and woke up about 10:00.
When I woke up, my heart was racing--I had seen a tsunami that came right through the center of the United States. It was just covering every town, tree, every hill and mountain. It just swallowed everything in its path and as --
I don't know where I was exactly, but we were away from where it started and we walked past a man with a brand new black truck, not a speck of dust on it.
We could see the waves coming in the distance. We tried to get him to come to the upper room with us. But he said "no my truck". He lost his life because of that truck, his posessions. Then we went on to the balcony and I saw people standing around out there, joking and having a good time. They were jumping into the water to swim and have a good time. The water swallowed them up.
Instantly they were gone- they had lost their souls for pleasures of this earth.
And than we went on to the third floor, and on the third floor there were very few--
the remnant, and they were all sitting up praying and praising God.
The water was miles wide, it was like I had an overhead view, looking down.
A huge stream that was taking everything with it as it went. The first thing that I saw were the huge waves that were coming over and over, covering everything
as it went. I saw people having fun, they were just gonna party-- going swinming, the pleasures of the world and things. They lost their souls for things.
Think of it, an eternity in hell for a shiny new truck. The people who were on the second floor balcony, they were like the people on the fence. If they took a few steps backward, they could have been saved, but they were only interested in the pleasures of the world and so they lost their souls because of it. The fence riders were the luke warn people.