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Prophetic Dreams and Visions

We would like to know what the Lord is speaking and showing his prophetic people in this hour. This is a safe place to share your dreams and visions. In Acts Chapter 2 Peter preached the first sermon after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room. He said that in the last days the Lord was going to pour out His Spirit on all flesh. He went on to say that there would be dreams and visions and prophecy. According to Bible prophecy, we are living in the later part of those last days. People are receiving dreams and visions from the Lord like never before. This message board is provided for the edification and fellowship of those Christians that are hearing the Lord in dreams and visions. Remember to be patient. Sometimes the Lord doesn't provide interpretations right away. We don't want to rush anyone! Holy Spirit, speak your truth, in love! Amen!

Prophetic Dreams and Visions
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If your religious, you have heard the stroy of the antichrist. You have heard the storys of the end of the world.

Im going to point out the antichrist system for you, and tell you by what means he will use to gain his power, and take over the world.

Everyone has been looking twards the governments of the world, but if you do this, you will be to late. Understanding evil, will set you free.

Evil hides in the darkness, and has nothing to do with anything thats good or right. That means evil doesnt live with normal everyday people who wish to function together. Evil only shows itself to do evil things, retreating back to the dark place which it hides. Evil uses evil things, has its own rules, has its own laws, only to do what it wants which is not what we do. Evil lives by the code of death, and blood and fear to control itself, and to take over. Evil controls by threat of death, and to charge money for use of what is theirs regarless of who owns it. Evil takes by force that which is not theirs, and when they believe they control it, is when they gather in numbers to boast. Then with that boasting they gather more to their numbers because they their image of respect look good. (RESPECT) Is the key word, which drives everyone. Evil gains its power through evil acts, and the punishment on them gives them more power, and respect.

This system is not found in our governments, Yet. Though is influenced by them, just as our daily life can be. Who are these people?

Orginized crime. Thats your answer. Orginized crime isnt what you watch on Tv, its not what it used to be. Their desire is to take over, they redivised their plan to go into every major city, move into the suburbs, to gain new members in their gangs. When they have enough people spread to everyplace, they can control everyone with fear. This is already being done, they spreading so fast that in the next ten years, they will be in every small town, and even charging your church dues under threat. Thats because they own everything they lay their hands on regardless of who actually owns it. You wont be safe, your children wont be safe, if their already not exposed to it. Those gangs are already in suburbs taking over, and your going to go home and be charged for living on their land.

Their is no punishment that can stop them, if they go to prision they are regarded as leaders and gain fame for it. They are told they are going to die or go to prision, because they live by blood. Nothing the Untited States has done has even slowed them down, they having gangs in 48 states, which is about five states in the last year. They work out from the major citys recruiting your children by making themselves look like it something that your children want. Which is rules of respect.

Ganges have used their symbols on their hands, and across their forheads. No other groups do this. They learned that just by changing the rules, they have that control of respect. Once a member always a member, and the only way out is death. Show them any disrespct, and a member or not, you will be dead.

The anitchrist will rise because of that kind of control, forcing his way through every system that set up to be good for us, corrupting it. He will take over because of the people, not because of any government. Good people will be forced into a type of slavory by fear and terrorism. The terrorist we have faced are a drop in the bucket compaired to what is going on all over. They may even be one in the same.

The antichrist will set up his church all over the world, and will be based on the antichrist, to blame the inocent, while his broods take over under your nose. Only the antichrist rises up to blame anther church. So be carfull.

If Good christians have cause, its in passing laws against gangs that are known to be destructive, and get rid of them.