Submit 30-Day Notice

Your rental agreement and Oregon landlord-tenant law require all tenants to submit a 30-day written termination notice, even if you are on a term lease that is ending. Please use this easy form to submit your notice. You can also write a notice of your own on any kind of paper and turn it into the office at least 30-days prior to the end of your tenancy. Please note that if you are on a term lease, your rent obligation will continue through the date indicated in your lease, even if you move out early. If your lease ends during the month, calculate your pro-rated rent by dividing the monthly rent by the number of days in the month. For example, if your rent is $995 per month and your lease ends June 15th, your daily rate will be $33.17 ($995/30). If you are terminating your lease early, calculate the early termination penalty by multiplying your monthly rent by 1.5. You must still give 30-days written notice for an early termination. For example, if your lease ends 8/31, but you plan to move 6/30, you will submit your notice by 6/1 and pay your early termination fee of 1.5 times the rent PLUS the rent for June. Using the previous example of monthly rent of $995, the early termination penalty would be $1,492.50 and final month's rent would be $995 for a total due 6/1 of $2,487.50. It may also be possible to assign your lease to another party. The fee to change your lease is $125. Be sure to talk with us if you wish to discuss your early termination options.