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Wednesday Fun Day

Just thought I'd let those that are interested know that me and my partner won the Wed fun day this past week so we chose Kemptback as next weeks lake. Provided of course that anyones still going to fish them especially considering we got a two dayer next week. We had a weight of just over 2 pounds but when your the only boat that shows up it makes winning a little easier. Now if only that would happen next weekend!!! Lunker on Wed. was a 16+ inch trout caught in 14 feet of water on a senko!!!!

Re: Wednesday Fun Day

What color was the senko Shawn??
I seen Richard H. hauling his new boat yesterday on the 340,bet he's lovin that rig boy will never get off the water now ...good for him,hopefully we'll see him in more tournaments next season
So Sears,when are you and I going to fish Milo??