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Re: club matters

it is clear the person does not care sorry is not going to do it.he should have dipped it out of the lake on SUNDAY.its clear he did not want the trophy so he should donate his purse to the Y M C yarm.

Re: club matters

I am not a member of the club but I am one of the founding members. So; on that point I feel that I have as much right to comment as any paid member.

This is the type of thing that can destroy a club's reputation. We worked for years to have the respect of the public and Govenment and something like this can change everything overnight.

You are correct Sid; the trophy should have come out A.S.A.P. There should also be a truthful public apology on this site by the person or persons responsible for the trophy ending up in the lake.

After that there should be no more discussion about it. That can only hurt the club all the more.

Re: club matters

Why did I think it was actually going to happen. Silly me.