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New Schedule?

Not trying in anyway to diminish the hard work done by the executive in planning and organizing the tournaments each year but I have a few questions with regards to the new schedule. I understand the amount of time and hardwork that goes into these events and in no way am trying to take away from that or get into an argument over this, mostly just thoughts and concerns thats been tossed around and something to perhaps discuss on here and hopefully liven up the discussion board.

Firstly, Super Bass is scheduled on the same weekend as the SSBM 'Mush-a-mush" tournament. Last year LSBC had more tournaments than this year, plus there was the ECBM tournaments and there were not any conflicts in the schedule. I know this doesn't effect everyone in the LSBC but I know a fair amount of members fish both series and will have to make a choice of which tournament to fish, with the result not being good for either club.

Secondly, how come Milo (which everyone is so excited to fish), which was suppose to be the ACM tournament has been swapped with Killiams? Seems we went from the lake with the most public exposure to the lake with the least? Thirdly, I can't help but wonder why Kemptback, arguably one of the better lakes in the system is having only one tournament. With both winners of the kemptback tournaments last year weighing in bags over 12 pounds and alot of other nice fish/bags weighed in I would think it should be utilized more. I understand the arguments regarding the launch and that alot of boats gather on the point. But doesn't both of these problems exist with Killiams as well as well as parking issues? With Killiams and Milo having historically far lower weights.

I know some will say abot the 'challenge' of Milo and Killiams, but seeing as we are far from the professional ranks I think some would agree with my line of thinking that I'd sooner finish dead last and have caught plenty of fish, have a decent weight, and have had a good day on the lake then finish in the top 3 with 3 fish and 2 pounds?

As far as the argument about how long it takes to get in and out of the launch at Kemptback. It seems to me in my past few years experience that the only ones that have complained about this are the ones that live closest to the lakes. Its exactly 144kms from my house to Wentworth and I'm sure some have even longer drives to the lakes. So really the ones farthest away have a valid argument for not wanting to leave extra early and get home late but I myself don't see the problem of arriving home later than normal given the choice of fishing where one atleast has a chance at a big fish or a big weight.

I also want to point out that the argument of having less tournaments due to the "high gas prices that are predicted" for this summer doesn't eem to make sense either. Considering what the members spend on boats, tackle, equipment, BBQ boat grub, trips to shoot the S*** at Ken's store etc. etc. in the run of the year I can't see how one more tournament would make or break someones summer. I could totally understand if the reasoning for less tournaments would be due to lack of time or support for the committee to organize another one or two tournaments. But if someone is concerned that they won't be able to fish another tournament or two due to gas prices then they probably won't fish the whole series anyway and instead will pick and choose the tournaments they do fish, as many historicaly have done. Considering how many times each of us 'funfishes' or 'prefishes' in the course of a year I would think that way more gas is burned on days spent doing that versus the 9 or 10 tournaments. I guess my point is that if there is 5 or 25 tournaments that generally I would think the same "diehards" would be to all 5 or 25 tournaments while you'll always have the guys that pick and choose what tournaments they'll fish each year.

Lastly has anyone recieved word on when and IF NS Power will be opening the newly installed gate to the Vaughn launch. I understand the water in the lake has returned to normal levels but the gates locked leading to the launch. Is this gate to remain locked year-round and will this impact the tournaments? Just some thoughts and concerns to ponder. Cheers...hope I wasn't too long-winded!

Re: New Schedule?

You bring up many good points, and I can't say much either way as far as agreement or disagreement goes. Actually, I agree with many of them (I just won't say which ones!!)

The only thing I will say about one thing in particular is that our schedule was set before SSBM's, so if there is a conflict, I think it's theirs, not ours.

Re: New Schedule?

John , I believe you are incorrect as SSBM's schedule was set in the beginning of February and confirmed at their AGM which was the day before LSBC's AGM at which we proposed revised and set the schedule

Re: New Schedule?

it was actually January, but edited after that

Re: New Schedule?

Hi Shawn
I will try to answer your questions as best as I can. First of all If I remember correctly you were at the AGM and thats the place to bring up the super bass problem if you want it changed. I never noticed it either til now.
As far as Kempt back there's way more that don't want it because of the long wait at the start and at the end of the tournament than do.
Vaughan is not looking good at all! It looks like we ARE NOT going to be able to use that launch any more so we had to redo the schedule as close to what was decided at the AGM as possible without Vaughan in it. I am trying to get a key for the gate but its not looking good at all because of legal crap.

Re: New Schedule?

Thanks for the responses, I honestly didn't realize the conflict until a few days ago or would have mentioned it much earlier. Perhaps SSBM might be willing to change their date whereas they have less tournaments, their schedule might be alot more flexible. The gate at Vaughn is a bummer, lotta guys down this way fish it alot because it's the closest to us.

Re: New Schedule?

Hey Shawn,are your finger tips sore Did Melissa have the fire extinguisher handy in case that keyboard caught on fire with that blazing speed Oh wait a minute,she probably wrote it and you proof read it eh

Actually that was a well written post and well thought out,Kudos to you!!!!
Totally agree with the point/s(no pun intended,lol) on Kempt Back.
Screw Vaughn,bring on OPP.
You are also right about the exec going above and beyond to get things done and from what I can gather they are keeping up to speed and on top of the Vaughn situation...Kudos to them
The one thing that concerns me about Vaughn is that some folks may have access to Vaughn,through friends on the lake etc and with the gate being locked that isn't fair to those that can't get access.However with our out dated prefish rule that may not matter anyway,guess I just way layed my own concern