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2020 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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Saline County Fox & Wolf Hunters Assoc. Field Trial

President Bob Taylor
Secretary Jimmy Wright
MOH Danny Hill
T&T Fox Pen Grapevine Arkansas
Ad Jan. Horn PAGE 57
Run Feb. 13-15 2020
National Affiliated
95 Derby
59 AA

Derby Results
1st Efird's Hog Ray (Ch Jet Pilot Ray X Cutrer's Ashley) Kyle Efird & Ray Tyron Umpire,Ar. & Pattonsburg,Mo.
2nd FBK/BTTB Robin (Teat's Conan X Wascom's Covergirl) FBK/BTTB Kennels Glenwood, Ar.
3rd Dial's Lil Red (Dial's Chief X Herrin's Gidget) Dial's Kennels Leola, Ar.
4th Fras. Bro's Goody Too Shoes (Smoking Joe Frasier X Fras Bro's Zippity) Dubach, La.
5th Will's Blue (MD's Little Hoss X Hale's Black Magic) Will's Kennels Rosedale/Oakland Ms.
6th Pritchard's Samantha (Pritchard's Randy X Pritchard's Baby Bertha) Hemps Creek Kennel Jena, La.
7th Chase's Venus (Chase's Ace X Chase's Bay) Chase Bell Quitman, La.
8th Dial's Driver (Dial's Chief X Dial's Daisy) Dial's Kennel Leola, Ar.
9th Efird's Black (MGC DF CH. Seven Bishop X Missy Bishop) Efird Kennels Umpire, Ar.
10th Chase's Brownie (Deacon X Linda) Chase Bell Quitman, La.
Combination Efird's Hog Ray
Classy Hound Fras Bro's Goody Too Shoes
Best Mouth MaGaha's Raustus Also (Will's Ali X Wills' Oprayl) R&K Kennels

All Age
1st Efird's Nadar (Ch. Jet Pilot Ray X C&H Mator) Efird Kennels Umpire, Ar.
2nd Efird's Ruby (Thompson's Pinkie X Thompson's Snooki) Efird Kennels Umpire, Ar.
3rd Old South's Miss Behavin (Coco's Double X X Hixon's Rush) Old South Kennels Royal, Ar.
4th Dial's Scarlet (Ch Jet Pilot Ray X Dillion's Fineline Smurph) Dial's Kennels Leola, Ar.
5th Walter's Rowdy ( Herrin's Henry X Herrin's Pinkie) Aaron Walters Ico, Ar.
6th Efird's Tiger (Thompson's Pinkie X Thompson's Boo) Efird Kennels Umpire, Ar.
7th M&K Cinch Up (Ch Jet Pilot Ray X Robinson's Bella) M&K Kennels Kirby, Ar.
8th FBK/BTTB Lisa (BTTB Tarzan X Caskey's Red) FBK/BTTB Kennels Glenwood, Ar.
9th Garrett's Just Kitty (Garrett's Just Stick X Garrett's Just Dye) Mac & Robin Garrett Miller Grove,Tx.
10th Starkey's Red Bird (Starkey's Magnum X Starkey's Debbie) Harold Starkey-Starkey Kennels Fredericktown, Mo.
Combination & Dual Ch. Efird's Nadar
Best Mouth M&K Cinch Up
Classy Hound Garrett's Just Kitty
BOS Green's Trixie (Thornton's Tump X Thornton's Red) Kolton Green Foreman, Ar.
BIS Thunder Cat S (Fras Bro's Buisness Man X Alley Cat S) Double S Kennels Dubach, La.