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2020 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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Piedmont FHA 2020

Piedmont FHA Results
May 27-30, 2020 at Triple B Fox Preserve--Wallace, NC
Ran under national rules
Advertised in The Chase and The Horn
Leaderboard fees paid
138 all-age hounds

1. #7 S & A Tina Turner
Spring Branch Jack Attack X Big "S" Tilly
Big "S" Spring Branch Kennels
2. #01 Kennedy's 8Ball A
MK's Moe X Gaskin's Ann Marie
Alex Kennedy
3. #21 NC State(f) Ch Huffman's Johnny Cash
Ch Bonds Wheeler X Bonds Carolina
Huffman & Craft Kennels
4. #211 Hook Town's Pistol
Blk Diamond Big Money X Hook Town's Star
Hook Town Kennels
5. #4 JC's Candy
Ch Chrisco's Charlie X Ch JC's Abby
James Clark
6. #55 Padgett's Baby Ruth
Ch. Bond's Little Jack X Ch Bond's Caroline
South West Creek Kennels
7. #44 Jessica's Revenge
Ch. Whisenant Jimmy B X Bond's Dolly J
Four Corner Hustlers
8. #2 Bond's Ziggy
Albertson's Big Show X Bond's Jessie
Triple B Kennels
9. #74 Tin Roof Vidalia
Tin Roof Ol' Bo X Tin Roof Black Widow
Four Corner Hustlers
10. #20 L & G Pepper
Core Creek Big Daddy X Gary's Bella
L & G Kennels

Combination winner: #2 Bond's Ziggy--Triple B Kennels
Best Mouth: #1 S & A Coon Dog--Big S and Spring Branch Kennels
Classiest Hound: #55 Padgett's Baby Ruth--South West Creek Kennels
Best in Show: #61 Ch Country Boy Chevelle--Country Boy Kennel
Best Opposite Sex: #901 J. Barbers Yeti--Kickem Back Kennel