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2020 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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South Carolina State FHA

Derby 196 Hounds
1. Jason's Dutchess (Haas' Heybo x Haas' Princess) Boiling Springs & Congaree Creek Kennels Lexington SC
2. Lilly (Moddy's Clyde x Clint's Popcorn) RMP Kennels Statesboro GA
3. Slip em in's Scarface ( Ch No Pitty Jigsaw x Sandy Branch Lucy) Slip em in Kennels New Zion SC
4. Howard's Jazzy (Ch Howard's High Tide x Howard's Meanie) Empty Pockets Kennels Andrews SC
5. Moree's Penny (Moree's Spanky x Moree's Sue) Gerald Moree Andrews SC
6. Daniels Naomi Judd (Daniels RJ x Daniels Snowbird) Daniels Brother Kennel Lake City SC
7. Brody's Montress (Ch Wisenut's Jimmy B. x B&B Pearl) Jeremy Dailey BLD Kennels Millen GA
8. Fowler's Twilight Sparkles (Ch Cravens Snake x Brocks Pepper) Danny & Stephen Fowler Tabor City NC
9. Ditch Bank's Stride (B&B Steady x C.S. Mercedes II) Nick Bell Greeleyville SC
10 Frog's Monica (Ch CLarke's Money MAker x Ch Opies Dixie) Outlaw Kennels Lake City SC

Combination Winner: Fowler's Twilight Sparkles

All AGE 374 hounds
1. Swamptown's Ringette (Farmer's Sticker x Caughman's Lil LAdy) Caughman & Knight Kennels Salley & Swansea SC
2. Flower's Jazz (B&B Steady x Ch B&B Dancer) Flower's Brother Kennels Aynor SC
3. South Bounds Rowdy (Ch CMK'S Calvary x Ch South Bound's Streak) South Bound Kennels Andrews SC
4. Victoria's Redken (Caughman's Redman II x Ch Victoria's Maybelline) Caughman & Knight Kennels Salley & Swansea SC
5. Brody's Queso (Ch PDJ Dallas x Broke Rites Brown SUgar) Jeremy Dailey BLD Kennels
6. Crookeye Anti-freeze (BoBo's Cadiliac Jake x B.S. Jill) Crookeye Kennels Andrews SC
7. FBN Caddy (Ch Waylon's Doc Holiday x FBN Charlotte) RPM Kennels Statesboro Ga
8. Get AHead T (Hicks Tarzan PDNK x Sandy Branch Wendy) Get Ahead Kennels Seville FL
9. Hanks Benelli (Ch LAkehills JAybird x Lous Moleasses) JOJO Kennels Andrews SC
10 Hollow OAks Justice ( Ch Hollow OAks Will x Hollow OAks Two Tone) Hollow OAks Kennels Lancaster/New Zion SC

Combination Winner: Victoria's Redken
Dual Champion : Victoria's Redken

Best Mouth : Victoria's Redken
Classiest Hound : Crookeye Anti-Freeze