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2020 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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2020 Coldwater Nationals

2020 Coldwater Nationals
October 1-4, 2020
Blackwater River State Forest
79 All-Age
70 Derby

1st #631 B&T Roll-On
CH. Freeman’s Ready Roll
X Cooley’s Snow
Brian and Tyler Prescott

2nd #841 Juniper Creek Rated-R
Ch. SS Lee TC
X CH. Allentown B.B.
Juniper Creek Kennels

3rd #461 Choctaw Sandman
Hydrill Little Humpy
X Honey Creek Tid Bit
Jam and Dakota Blankenship

4th 491 Choctaw Petra
RDs Jesse James
X Phillips Holly
Jam and Dakota Blankenship

5th #407 Slim
CH Joshes Tin Top
X Kyles Shredder
Dixon Creek Kennels

6th #661 CH. Top Flight Jolen
Top Flight Clyde
X Macon Pearl
Top Flight Kennels

7th #615 Smith Broz Apollo
CH. Hines Tall Boy R
X Raindrop Hellum
Flora Bama Kennels

8th #411 FBK’s Speck
Hydrill Little Humpy
X Honey Creek Tid Bit
Flora Bama Kennels

9th #717 Shoal River High Noon
CH. Freeman Highball
X Hills Della
Shoal River Kennels

10th #710 CH. B&T Birdie
Powertrain Buck
X Fentons MS X.M.
Brian and Tyler Prescott

Dual and Combination #631 CH. B&T Roll-On
Best Mouth #696 FBK’s Luna
Classy Hound #631 CH. B&T Roll-On


1st #88 Allentown Business
Ch. J’s Sir Bill H
X Allentown Advil
Allentown Kennels

2nd #72 Clarks Deuce
Tadpole Bad Ace
X Polk’s Poison Ivy
Clark Kennels

3rd #42 R&L’s Rocket
Jackie’s Rock
X P&B’s Jazzy
Full Draw Kennels

4th #9 Kyle’s Fancy Liq
Ch. Kyle’s Petey
X Josh’s Cookie
Strictly Mafia

5th #34 J&T Chief
Killm Hills Reno
X Joe’s Scat Cat
J&T Kennels

6th #16 Kyle’s Preacher Man
Ch. Kyle Petey
X RN’s Jane LiQ
Strictly Mafia

7th #120 Shoal River Rock
Bowen’s Big John
X Clear Branch Jill
Shoal River Kennels

8th #11 Dorman’s Slim
Frasier Brothers Business Man
X Henderson Tina
Richard Dorman

9th #66 Allentown El Chapo
Allentown Whiteboy
X Allentown Holley
Allentown Kennels

10th #25 SS Albert Earl
Purvis Albert
X SS Black Gal
SS Kennels

Classy Hound #44 Allentown Numero Dos
Best Mouth #34 J&T Chief
Combination #42 R&L’s Rocket