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Fred Peavey Memorial 2020

Fred Peavey Memorial Results
Rolling Hills Fox Pen Harrisville, MS
92 Total Hounds-National Rules
Oct/8 – Oct/10/2020
Derby: 1. McMillan's Devil Child (Ch. McMillan's Golden Gun - McMillan's Halo), Ronnie McMillan, Crystal Springs. 2. Adam's Tae (Big Creek Sam - Adam's Black Betty), Frank Adams, Braxton, Ms. 3. Ch. Eubanks Roxie (Hippy's High Tail - BCK Aerial G), Whiskey Bent Kennels, Mendenhall, Ms. 4. ISK Mille (ISK Soulja - Adam's Black Betty), Indian Springs Kennels, 0. 5. WFO's Dance (Kyle's Ace Liquor - G&E Lemon Drop), WFO, Kiln, Ms. 6. Big Bender W (Henderson's Lotto - Henderson's Flie), JR Wells, 0. 7. Mason's Charlie (Mason's Hawk - Franklin's Foxy), Fourth Right Kennels, Madison, Ms. 8. Hound Hill Kaotic (Ch. Hound Hill Chao's - Seat Cat S), Hound Hill Kennels, 0. 9. McMillan's Zig Zag (Ch. McMillan's Golden Gun - McMillan's Ziggy), Ronnie McMillan, Crystal Springs. 10. WFO's Pam (WFO's Ranger - Hemphills), WFO Kennels, Kiln, Ms
Derby Combination: McMillan's Devil Child
All Age: 1. ISK Sue (Big L Push - Liqour Creek Lighting), Indian Springs Kennels, Petal, Ms. 2. McMillan's Gone Girl (Ch. McMillan's Little D - Ch. McMillan's Baby Girl), Ronnie McMillan, Crystal Springs, Ms. 3. Ch. McMillan's King Tut (Ch. McMillan's Pharoh - Sandy Rouse), Ronnie McMillan, Crystal Springs, Ms. 4. Mason's Chase (McMillan's Moonshine - Franklin's Foxy), Fourth Right Kennels, Madison, Ms. 5. Maycreek Julio (Big L Push - Casio's Sweat), Maycreek Kennels, Collinsville, Ms. 6. Ch. Hill's Buttermilk A (Wood's Ed - Lane's Katie B), Jamie Hill, Pearl, Ms. 7. SBG's Ginger (Ch. McMillan's Terminator - Sandy Rouse), Saved By Grace Kennels, Union, Ms. 8. Ch. Hound Hill D-Train (Ch. McMillan's Little D - Hound Hill Jazzy), 0, 0. 9. McMillan's Scarlett (McMillan's BrownLee - McMillan's Eden), Ronnie McMillan, Crystal Springs, Ms. 10. Pinedale Dodger B (Ch. Pinedale Flag B - RPM Pudding), Skuna Bottom, Houlka, Ms
All Age Dual Champion: McMillan's Gone Girl
All Age Combination: McMillan's Gone Girl

Best Mouth- #145 SBG’s Ginger {Ch McMillan’s Terminator x Sandy Rouse}
Classy Hound- #211 ISK Sue {Big L Push x Liquor Creek Lightning}

Re: Fred Peavey Memorial 2020

5th place in derby should be W.F.O’s Deuce ( Kyle’s Ace x G&E’s Lemon Drop )