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2020 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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National Foxhunter's Association
October 29 - 31, 2020
MS Foxhunter's Preserve; Grenada, MS
Advertised in Horn & Chase
Leaderboard dues paid
579 Entries

HGA Results

1st. (310) SS Red Gal (Purvis' Albert x SS Black Gal) SS Kennels; Marianna, FL

2nd. (299) Four Play Miss Molly (JW's Big Boy x Runyon's HK Sissy) Linda Brown; Jacksonville, NC

3rd. (191) SBK Rex (SCK Sam x Hodum's Turkey) Skuna Bottom Kennels; Houlka, MS

4th. (96) Byrd's Clara (Hill's All The Way Rey x Byrd's Black Rose) Lost Creek Kennels; Crawfordville, FL

5th. (72) Diamond Stride V (Burnt Bridge Buster x McMillan's Lonestar) Webb, Eley, Little Biloxi, Kirkland; Ocean Springs, MS

6th. (463) Top Flight Ike (Pinedale Stump B. x Foster's Brenda Mae) Top Flite Kennels; AL & FL

7th. (514) Funtime Red Gal (Opie's Blake x Funtime Stepper) Funtime Kennels; Warfield, VA

8th. (184) B & T Miss Bee (Ricky's Bushy Boy x Floyd's Kentucky Gal) B & T Kennels; Jay, FL

9th. (515) Slow & Steady Flipper (Daniel's RJ x Ward's Gal) Jone's & Smith Kennels; Fairmont, NC

10th. (717) Hardee's Grave Digger (B & B Mizzou x Hardee's Ivory) Tim Hardee; Blacktech, NC

Re: National

8th place should be by (Rickey’s Brushy Boy x Floyd’s Kentucky Gal) Owners Brian & Tyler Prescott Jay,FL

Re: National

5th should be:
(72) Diamond Stride XV (Burnt Bridge Buster x McMillan's Lonestar) Webb, Ely, Little Biloxi, Kirkland; Ocean Springs, MS
Also Classy Hound

Re: National

3rd sire is big creek Sam