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Calhoun County FHA

Calhoun County FHA Held June 1st thru 4th at the MS Foxhunters Preserve Coffeville MS.

137 Derby Hounds entered

1st Mullet's Penny
Mullet's Magee X Tush's Money
BBK/Stay Ready Knls. Coffeville MS

2nd Bella's Big Black John
BKW's Qman X BBK Nonstop
Strictly Mafia South MS

3rd Tuff's Lemon Smith
Prime Time X Cheetah Smith
Big South Poplarville MS

4th BBK Boo
Ch. Pinedale Bomber B. X Ch BBK Midnite
BBK/Stay Ready Coffeville MS

5th Henderson's Dolly
Franklin's Boomer X Hine's Sugar R
Dennis and Colton Henderson Pontotoc MS

6th Mullet's Catfish
Mullet's Hietai X Mullet's Peaches
Backyard Knls Poplarville MS

7th Jessie
Baker's Bruce X Baker's Kate
County Road Knls Grenada MS

8th Swilley's Hippie
Kyle's Petey X Swilley's Lacey
Buckwild Mafia Knls South MS

9th Lance's Over the Top
Lance's Clint X Cade's Ruby
Strictly Mafia South MS

10th Cade's Jack-Sho
Scott's Sho-Gun X Lott's Pretty
Off the Chain Knls Beaumont MS

Combination Winner Bull Mtn's White Milk
Hill's Buttermilk A. X Bull Mtn's Popcorn
Bull Mtn Knls Vardaman MS

Classiet Hound Abbie
Baker's Bruce X Baker's Kate
County ROad knls Grenada MS

Best Mouth BBK Black Eyes
BCK Rooter X Turd Hill Rosie
BBK/Stay Ready Coffeville MS

137 All Age hounds

1st 3-County Sneaky
3-County Tiger X 3-County DA-SnowGirl
3-County Knls Houston/Mantee MS

2nd Baker's Scar
Baker's HAnk J X Baker's Sunshine
BNK James Baker Gore Springs MS

3rd Top Flight John
Pinedale Stump B X
Topflight knl FL/AL

4th Lance's Mr. Brownstone
Mullet's Magee X Cade's Penny
Strictly Mafia South MS

5th Shaw Nuff's Andy
Ch. Shaw Nuff's Silver Dollar X Cal Co F CH. Emmalynn's Izzy
Shaw Nuff Knls Lumberton MS/Pearl River LA

6th 3L Cools 3
3L Buggs X 3L Roxie
Buck NAked Knls Bruce MS

7th 3-County Valentine
3-County Tiger X Line Creek Trouble
3-County Knls Houston/Mantee MS

8th Acy's June
Ch. Hines Big Ben R X Westbrooks Rita
River Bend Knls Canton MS

9th Bull Mtn's Sweetmilk
Hill's Buttermilk A X Bull Mtn's Popcorn
Bull Mtn Knls Vardaman MS

10th Copper Banner
Bennetts Red Cherry X McGregors Lula
Skuna River knls Calhoun MS

Combination Winner Baker's Scar
Baker's Hank J X Baker's Sunshine
BNK James Baker

Classiest Hound 3-County Sneaky
3-County Tiger X 3-County DA SnowGirl
3-County Knls Houston/Mantee MS

Best Mouth BBK Sassy
Stampers Big Boy X BBK Jenny Lou
BBK/Stay Ready Coffeville MS