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2022 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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South Carolina Foxhunters Association one class 3 Day Results

Grade 2 256 entries

1st #74 R&W's Flirt (Duboses's C2 x R&W's Jackie) R&W Kennel
2nd #69 Clark's Penny (ch. Clark's Money Maker x After Hours Lemonade) Billy and Dwayne Clark
3rd #33 Hollow Oak's Lady May (ch. Clark's Money Maker x Clark's Tammy D) Hollow Oaks Kennel
4th #800 K&J and Tookeydoo's Monkey Wrench (ch. Tookkeydoo's Satan x Tookeydoo's Lemon) K&J and Tookeydoo Kennel
5th #60 Sandy Mills Chaos (Jason's Jack x Jason's Yellowhead) Sandy Mills Kennel
6th #814 Brooklyn's Amos Moses (Haas' Beatdown x Haas' Sunrise)Lead Dog kennel
7th #114 Double C's Cletus ( K&J TJ x Steven's Foxy) Double C Kennel
8th #31 Addison's Zenyatta (ch Clark's Money Maker x Wicked Wanda Reba) Double L Kennel
9th #141 Jessie Churchwell ( ch No Pitty Jigsaw x Bobbie Sue Churchwell) Gut Snatcher Kennel
10th #771 Wilson's Trudy (ch Howards High Tide x Black River Judy) Wilson Kennel

#69 Clarks Penny (ch Clark's Money Maker x After Hours Lemonade)

Classiest Hound
#115 Clark's Sarge (ch Clarks Money Maker x Dog Pile Hooker)

Best Mouth
#181 Hollow Oak's Nash (Hollow Oaks Hawk x Jason's Yellow Head)